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Robert Jamison

Robert Jamison Biography

Robert Jamison is an architect known for his innovative designs, with bench seating and adaptable multi-function rooms among his signature styles. He is an architect on BBC series ‘Your Home Made Perfect’.

Robert Jamison Age

He is 47 years old; he was born in 1974.

Robert Jamison Education

He studied at Queens University Belfast for his undergraduate and post-graduate. He also served as a part-time studio tutor for almost 15 years.

Robert Jamison Family

Robert has not revealed much about his family but he has said he was brought up in a family of nine in a three-bed council house in Comber.

Robert Jamison Wife

He is married to Smith Jamison an Ayurvedic consultant and yoga teacher. The couple got married in April 2016.

Robert Jamison Children

Jamison together with his wife has two sons Forester and Mack.  The couple is expecting another child in June 2021.


Robert Jamison Architect Design

Robert is an architect known for his innovative designs, with bench seating and adaptable multi-function rooms among his signature styles. His style is influenced by his extensive backpacking travels in India, after he left London during the recession in 2009, and he describes his work as a “spiritual endeavour”.

“In studio, my ambition is to test and experiment. To demonstrate the healing potential of architecture, and bring architecture to the people. Healing architecture is the bringing together of material to create the spatial, in a manner that understands the energy of our life-force energy, our ‘prana’. Ultimately, architecture is the manifestation of life force energy in space, it is, in my opinion, ’building with soul’.

My aspiration for studio practice is neither commercial nor conventional. Rather to reimagine, rethink, reinvent and remake, from apparatus to urban condition, the everyday object to city and street.

Merging studio practice with spiritual practices is to embody a natural practice, a lifestyle that operates in service to spirit self and others. Understanding what space and building at the fundamental energetic level can do to nourish, protect, shelter and support the spirit is the goal of my of experience, research and practice.

I am not interested in the generic or typical. I will not engage in projects I do not feel are appropriate or responsible. I will collaborate with others and bring my critical practice to unearth and offer the grounded and holistic. And I will self-generate projects, and collaborate with others aspiring to build with authenticity.

Today I see my practice as a spiritual endeavour, driven by years of striping away condition and convention, the merging of the ‘feeling’ self as creative director, guru, master, and the emergence of a new paradigm within and without. Ultimately, as creators of our own existence, and as architects the creators of the space in which others live, we need to practice with great reverence to other, to client, user, and inhabitant, and appreciate the impact on THEIR spirit self by the decisions WE take. This is a monumental responsibility, and we all must recognise our capacity and ability to impact on the lives of others.”

Robert Jamison Your Home Made Perfect

Jamison is an architect on BBC’s ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ alongside architect Laura Jane Clark. In the show, the two architects go head to head in their designs, using the power of virtual reality to sell their plans to prospective clients.

Robert Jamison Games of Thrones

Robert appeared in Game of Thrones where he played a Wildling.

Robert Jamison Yoga

Robert is a yoga practitioner.

Robert Jamison Net worth

His actual net worth is unknown.

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