10 Great Exercises for a Brazilian Butt

We all see the perfect beach bodies on television, also gracing magazine covers, making us wonder if is even possible to ever have a body close to that. And let’s face it, the body part that typically needs the most help is the butt! There are plenty of workout DVDs out there, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to sweat it for an hour, especially after a long day at work or taking care of the kids. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a list of exercises that could be done at your leisure? Well, keep reading and follow these steps to the Brazilian butt of your dreams!


Squats always seem to the make the top of the list, whenever dealing with areas like the rear end or the upper things. Actually, squats are even great for the calves and for strengthening the ankles. Be sure to stand with your legs about hip’s distance apart, and stretch your arms straight out in front of you. Slowly bend your knees until you are in a squatting position. Hold this for a few seconds, and then raise back up to the standing position. Do four sets consisting of ten repetitions for the best results.


Bridges are another exercise that can really tone that butt! For this one, break out your yoga mat and lie on your back with your arms flat to your sides and your feet on the ground. Slowly begin to raise your hips off the floor, squeezing in your glutes and holding for about three seconds. During this time, be extra careful to hold your back straight, without arching it. Then lower back to the floor, without actually touching it, and begin another repetition. To reach the optimal results, be sure to do at least four sets of ten repetitions.

Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are an excellent exercise to utilize in toning up that bum! Do a few simple stretches, like maybe bending over and touching your toes before getting started. Next, use your favorite yoga mat and get down on the ground on all fours, being sure to keep your back completely flat, similar to the table pose in yoga. Keeping the knee at a 90-degree angle, you will then raise the leg and lift it behind you, swinging it back again into place. It is recommended to do four sets, with ten repetitions. You can then change to the other leg.

Mountain Climbers

In the effort to really maximize their workout and completely focus on their rear ends, those wishing to really tone always seem to opt for mountain climbers. This exercise begins on the ground, immediately set in the same position as starting a pushup. Your feet should be distanced at about hip-width apart, but no closer, and your legs should be straight. Slowly raise one knee up to the chest, and then bring it back down again, repeating immediately with the other leg. It is suggested that you complete four sets consisting of ten repetitions. To intensify this exercise, place kettlebells on the ground and grip them tightly.

Side Leg Kicks

Another great way to tone that butt for summer adventure is by executing strong leg kicks. Situate yourself comfortably on the ground, lying on your side. Bend your elbow and hold your head in your hand for extra support. Next, slowly lift your leg until it is just about even with your hip, give a deep exhale, and then kick your leg slowly forward, bringing the leg back again to its original position. Finally, complete the exact same exercise with the other leg, and finish four sets of at least ten repetitions. To intensify this, you may wear ankle weights.

Straight Back Leg Kicks

To begin this exercise, lie flat on your stomach on a mat, and then slowly lift up until you are on all fours. Be sure that your back is straight, and then begin to lift your leg up backwards, ensuring to keep your leg completely straight and your toes pointed. As you lower your leg, still continue to keep it straight, hovering just above the ground before you lift it again. Then repeat with the other leg. Do a minimum of four sets consisting of ten repetitions each. To intensify the toning potential, you can wear ankle weights on both legs.


Lunging is one of the few exercises that you seem to be able to feel the effects of almost immediately. To provide deep-toning potential for your butt and legs, begin in the straight standing position. Take a long step forward with one leg and bend your knee squarely, being sure to keep both feet flat on the floor, with the back foot angled and the front foot pointed straight. As you lunge, always make sure that your knee does not protrude out over your foot. To intensify this pose, hold a kettlebell behind your back and have a deep stretch. Do four sets of ten repetitions.

Standing Leg Kicks

When toning the bottom, some standing exercises can also be very beneficial. From a standing position, place your feet about shoulder’s distance apart, holding your back very straight and keeping your chin up. It also helps to stare straight ahead, fixating on one thing in the distance. Hold one arm straight out with pointed fingers, as you bring one leg up with a swift kick, attempting to touch your pointed toes to the tips of your fingers, all while continuing to keep your back straight. Another version is to curl the arm and kick the leg, holding the arm close to the body. Do four sets of at least ten repetitions each, alternately from one leg to the other in between sets.

Bridge with Leg Lifts

Often combining two different exercises or poses is an excellent way to provide even more toning power, especially when it is focused on the rear end or the thighs. Begin in a bridge position, lying flat with your arms straight on the ground and your legs bent at the knee, with your feet on the floor. Next, lift your bottom off the floor, holding that position for maximum effect. As you feel the pull, slowly lift one leg high into the air, hold it for a count of three, and then lower it back into its starting position. Do four sets of ten repetitions, switching legs in between the sets.

Yoga Ball Lift

Sometimes when you are doing everything that you can to tone your butt, you need a little help. So, grab your yoga ball and let’s get to work! Lie flat and face-down on your yoga mat with your arms stretched straight above your head, with your yoga ball in between your legs by your ankles and below your knees. Push your hands onto the floor and slowly begin to lift your legs, being sure to keep that ball squeezed between your legs. Another variation is to lean back on your elbows on the ground, raising your legs into the air while holding the yoga ball between them. If you can make it through four sets of ten repetitions on this one, then you are well on your way to having the Brazilian butt that you’ve always wanted!