Rock your Gym look celebrity style!


Have you ever heard the phrase “dress for success”? Well! It applies to what you wear in your daily routine for better motivation and confidence. The same applies to your gym look!

Most of you think you can wear anything in your gym since it has to get all sweaty and wet after an intense workout session. But NO! High quality, intelligent fabric works with the body to accelerate performance. Every gym wear is designed to withstand the rigorous work sessions, keeping you all comfortable and trendy.

You might probably be wondering how you can convert your basic gym look and nail it just like a celebrity would do. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Now you can easily “dress to impress” celebrity style.

Ready to roll!
  •  Combine comfort with trends

No matter how trending an outfit you select as your activewear, it has to be comfortable enough for you to carry it easily at your gym. But who said comfortable clothes could not be trending? Getting a perfect balance between comfortable gym clothing and style can be extremely tricky. But, little did you know, it is very much possible to achieve. 

Recently, Jessica Alba made a style statement when she was spotted in a quilted jacket, styled with gray-white pants, and perfectly paired with pink-laced sneakers. She made her workout look trending as well as comfortable.

Not only does a comfy gym look motivate you to hit the gym, but it also makes it easy to go from the gym to the street without requiring you to take a second look at your outfit. Go with something you are comfortable with and pair it with something trending, and Voila! You are all set to nail your comfy gym look.

  • Go casual for a picture-perfect look.

In the era of social media and selfies, everyone wants to look ever ready even if they are in the gym. So why not you go for something that makes you look pretty and relaxed all the time!

Julianne Hough, an American dancer/ actor/ singer, was spotted wearing a pink and black sports bra with gray yoga pants.

You can either go for a casual loose yoga top with a colorful sports bra and fitted leggings or yoga pants to finish off the look. In fact, experimenting with neon shades with the gym outfit is also highly trending in the fashion world. 

Putting on a denim jacket over a crop top is one of the most stylish and comfy looks and can easily be pulled off by anyone. You don’t even have to worry about having a sexy and ultimate beach body for this look. This is the only reason why it is such a big trend right now.

  • Boyfriend hoodie for a low-key yet classy look

How many of you love wearing those oversized jackets and hoodies to give a comfy vibe to your gym mates. I know I do!

When it comes to what’s hot and comfy in fashion right now, the motto seems to be “bigger is better.” The oversized trend is growing in popularity and here to stay, from exaggerated shoulder details to super-sized sweats. You can create a low-key fashionable look by layering a loose boyfriend hoodie over any women’s gym clothing. It is easily wearable from the gym to a social setting. 

However, you can throw on a hoodie over skin-tight gym clothes to give a classy look to your outfit.

  • Accessorize to impress

Wearing trendy clothes isn’t enough if you don’t club them with some cool accessories. Try adding funky shoes, sports watch, baseball cap, and hoop earrings to complete your gym gear. Make sure the accessories don’t hinder your workout routine. Consider removing them while you are working out.

Bella Hadid, an American model, was spotted jogging around NYC and rocked her gym wear by finishing off her sporty look with a black baseball cap and cute white sneakers.

  • Black High-waisted leggings are indeed timeless.

Today, women wear high waisted black leggings for a stylish and quirky look. Wearing high waist leggings also means that you can quickly get away by pairing them with a colorful sports bra or a crop top. The experts at confirm that high waist leggings are also one of the ideal gym clothes as they are less likely to fall when you are exercising or working out. Opting for high waisted leggings means that you’re open to limitless fashionable activewear. 

Try styling your black high waist leggings in uncountable ways for different occasions. Say goodbye to those annoying lowers and track pants you always had to adjust after every workout session.

But wait, this isn’t over yet!

Please go for good quality fabrics when it comes to choosing the gym wear for you. Sweat, dehydration, and an intense workout can prevent your skin from breathing. A low-quality fabric can stick to your skin and cause rashes, itchiness, and other skin issues.

Gym enthusiasts who tend to go for an intense workout session every day agree to the fact that excess exercising can clog your sweat glands that can cause an itchy heat rash. Make sure you go for a light, breathable fabric to keep your skin cool.

To sum it all up,

Activewear or gym wear is on the rise, and according to a recent research report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc, the global market for Sports and Fitness Clothing is estimated to reach around US$231.7 billion by 2024. 

It is rightly said, “Nothing motivates you in the gym better than a new kit!” If you want to look good in those surrounding mirrors, opt for trending and gorgeous gym wear! Not only that, what you wear makes a huge difference during a workout in terms of performance, technique, and recovery time.Hence, choosing an active wear that suits the needs of your body and your class will eventually make a difference in your fitness journey. So, what are you waiting for? Go look for what is best for your personality and nail your gym look like a diva!