Finding The Best Fitness Classes For You


A quality fitness class should provide a detailed strategy that outlines what workout routine you should be following, when you should be carrying it out, where that should happen, and why it should be executed as outlined. Most importantly, a great exercise class is the one that has all the elements that are best for you.

A fitness class like the ones offered at can help eliminate ambiguity in your exercise routine and it serves as a great reminder and motivational tool for those days when you just do not feel like working out or when your schedule threatens to prevent you from working out.

A quick web search of small group fitness classes will unleash hundreds of options, all of which claim to be the best. Finding the right one for you can be a daunting task but don’t fret because I’m going to share what you should look for in your ideal training class.

Cardiovascular Training

The most important muscle in the body is the heart yet so often, training plans neglect to incorporate sufficient cardiovascular training. This kind of training includes exercises that keep your heart rate up such as using the treadmill, running, swimming, etc. How well your heart is functioning impacts how much oxygen every cell in your body is receiving for optimal health. Ultimately, if your cardiovascular system is off, everything else will be compromised. But a solid fitness class will take random and regular cardio training and turn it into focused conditioning. Conditioning takes cardio to a new level because it is focused on safety and efficiency by matching the exercises to the person AND goal. When picking a fitness class, be sure it offers intentional conditioning, rather than random high impact cardio.

Strength Training

The term strength training can be confusing to some because a good number of people associate it with bodybuilding. The truth is, strengthening muscle is important for everyone irrespective of their body type. It helps in burning fat for those who are overweight, it helps in building muscle for those looking to add a few pounds of nice-looking lean mass and it also helps keep your heart rate up, thus adding to your conditioning. I might be a little biased but after 25 years as a personal training and fitness class strength coach at Transforming Strength I would say a fitness class with focused strength training is a must for any goal.

Mobility Training

Another key component of a quality fitness class is having a focus on mobility training. Mobility is key for enhancing the physical performance of your body. Working out is almost impossible for individuals who are not mobile. In fact, a good number of workout routines demand mobility. Mobility training will help you increase your strength through a complete range of motion thus minimizing the risk of injury during a workout. It’s also essential in improving blood circulation and ultimately oxygen flow to all your body cells.

If you’ve been looking for an ideal fitness class that meets your specific workout goals, then these are three of the specific training elements I would consider. Also, look for a class that understands and appreciates everyone’s uniqueness with customized training plans for each client so that you can get the most from your class time. Whether you’re obese and looking to lose weight, underweight, and looking to gain healthy weight, a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or living with a condition that demands special attention, consider joining a professionally coached small group fitness class.