How to be Extra Cautious with Your Skin during Seasonal Transitions?


The struggle of repeated attempts to pour some life into the dry and flaky skin come wintertime is all too well-known. While loading up on the moisture and healthy ingredients both in our diet and skincare, the goal is always to maintain that soft and supple radiant glow for well-moisturized skin. However, just as one manages to find the perfect skincare ingredients that work best when layered, adding a healthy amount of hydration to the skin, the weather plays some nasty tricks with a sudden shift. Unfortunately, our consistency-loving skin does not take a sudden switch easily and acts up almost instantly, especially the sensitive skin types. Hence, as you prepare for the seasonal wardrobe swap, start switching skincare products one by one to allow for a smooth transition till the full-blown summer arrives. Here’s what top derms recommend starting with:

1. Cleansing.
Winter cleansers for most skin types are comprised copiously of oils and are gentle on the skin. While a heavy-duty, creamy cleanser was the saving grace for a dry to normal skin type, it could be detrimental for all come summertime. Thus, if you feel that your gentle cleanser is not completely cleaning all the makeup, dirt, and sebum off your top layer, switch to a more hydrating cleanser that is less creamy and more “cleany,” meaning it should still be soap-free but must deliver a clean slate in the first wash. Also, a single wash every day may have served you well in the biting cold days, but a thorough CTM routine will do your skin much good as the weather gets warmer.

2. Rejuvenation.
Despite the weather going hot and humid for brief spans of the day, your skin may still look like it hasn’t been moisturized for days! The sudden change in the weather, from cold to extremely sunny and back to windy-cold, is the biggest contributor to this dullness. While a religious use of SPF all year round is a must, you also need to add an extra step of some TLC once a week with a face mask for skin brightening. Thanks to the antioxidant and hyaluronic acid weaving their magic, this little addition will leave your skin feeling refreshed and significantly brighter.

3. Exfoliation.
Contrary to popular misbelief, a gentle exfoliation routine must be included in every skin type’s weekly skincare regime. Yes, “every” includes dry skin types too! The misinformation about the difference between skin types is that dry skin needs moisture, and oily skin doesn’t need it. Branching off the same misconception is that exfoliation will make dry skin even drier when the truth, in fact, couldn’t be farther. Ask any skin specialist, and they’ll echo this statement, that it’s the ingredient that makes or breaks your skin, not the product. Hence, gentle exfoliation of the right mix is important for all. Dry skin type people can try chemical exfoliants that do not strip away the skin barrier but remove the dead skin. In contrast, the oily and sensitive can choose physical exfoliation or a combination per their individual skin conditions, texture, age, and goals.

4. Moisturization.
Following the above-mentioned maxim, moisturizing and sun protection are non-negotiable irrespective of the season. However, depending on the skin texture and all the products used everyday, your skin may take it better with a dual-purpose moisturizer. So, moisturizers with the needed SPF can be opted for rather than going over with coats of product over product. Apart from that, a dedicated topical that provides hydration, reduces signs of aging and prevents blue light damage proves to be the best CBD cream for skin care. Nevertheless, the basal requirement of moisturizing AND sun protection remains unchanged.

Seasonal transitions can be sudden and harsh for a vulnerable skin barrier. Hence, ensure you have the right products in your arsenal that provide nourishment and soothe your skin at all times.