Pilates: The Celebrity–Approved Workout That Can Help You Stay Lean, Long, and Lithe!

Pilates is the newest trend in the exercise world. Everyone from your fitness freak neighbor to a hot-shot celebrity is doing it. And if you are wondering what the hype around this workout is all about, read on to find out. Most practitioners tell you that it would tone the body and give you strong abs. If that’s what you want in your fitness routine too, here’s all you need to know about this fitness routine.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise, yet it gives miraculous benefits. The biggest benefit is Pilates improves your posture. It is largely an equipment-free workout, so you could practice it anywhere.  To all those exercise-haters who think exercise is all about sweating like a pig, think again! In Pilates, you need not run like you are chasing Tom Cruise. Well, that is the good kind of running, anyways we guess you get our point.

There is no urgency in Pilates. It generally involves your breath control and your movement, which must be slow and deliberate. Fitness is more inclusive than we give it credit, and everyone should do it based on their fitness prowess. So if a session at the gym bores you to death, you can try this relaxing yet effective exercise form to discover the muscles you never thought existed, and the abs that you thought will never show up!

Though you do not have to pick up heavy weights Pilates is intense, a session lasts anywhere between forty-five to an hour! Also, many people confuse it with Yoga. You can draw parallels with Yoga, but Pilates is primarily about improving your core strength. Okay, here are five more reasons to pique your interest.

The exercises where there is little to no risk of injury

It is a low impact exercise and ideal for those who break into a sweat just by looking at a skipping rope, or a dumbbell, increasing your cortisol levels in the process. So, all you can do is include gentle movements and each of your movements are slow and controlled, so instead of getting you all stressed up, this can reduce your stress and make you feel better and of course, there is very little chance of getting injured with a Pilates workout! Also, you get plenty of endorphins for the company.

No more slouching

If you are the slouchy kind and have a tough time keeping your spine erect most times of the day, welcome to the world of Pilates. All you need to do during the entire exercise regime is to keep your core engaged and your spine erect. Modern lifestyle teaches you how to slouch and Pilates teaches you just the reverse of it.

The core strengthening workout

A strong core will not only keep the aches and pains away and keep your alignment right but it can also help you perform your daily tasks, carrying your heavy things with ease. The movements are just what you need to correct and strengthen your core and in a very short period.

Makes you flexible

To all those who complain of stiffness and say that they are not flexible enough to say dance or do a certain chore, well don’t you worry pilates can loosen up those stiff limbs and make you the oh-my-God-you-are-so-flexible in a matter of days! Pilates is stretch-and-go exercises that are just what the fitness trainer ordered for you.

The non-boring exercise

Why you don’t exercise? Well, most people will have an answer to that one, they find exercise tedious and boring. Why should you move when you can sit on the couch and spend hours working, doing nothing, or watching something! We leave you to decide that. Well, you’ll love Pilates, because it is fun! And if you beat exercise boredom by trying out various exercises every single day, you can give Pilates a go.

It is fun and exciting as it brings in variety to your exercise routine. And that means, you will not have to force yourself to get out of bed, the excitement of experimenting will help you find the energy to work out! Also, if you are giving Pilates a try, you are in esteemed company in the form of Cameron Diaz, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Winslet and we can go on and on! Do you get the drift?