10 Major Benefits from Monounsaturated Fats

There are beneficial and harmful fats. Trans fats and the refined polyunsaturated fats in processed food harm the body while the monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) found in several fruits and their oils are beneficial. Olives and olive oil, avocados, and certain nuts provide prime MUFA sources. Foods rich in these good fats have a prominent place in the traditional Mediterranean diet. Experts believe that a diet rich in MUFAs helps explain why people in Southern Europe and the Middle East suffer less from obesity and other common western health issues.

1. Helps to reduce cholesterol levels

Those with too high levels of bad cholesterol face an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart problems. All the authorities agree that large amounts of unhealthy fats in diets push up cholesterol far too high. Changing meal plans to use MUFAs is an excellent way to help restore a healthy cholesterol balance. It costs a little more to cook with olive oil, but the gains from healthier eating far outweigh the cost of this moderate increase in household expenses.

2. An excellent choice for anyone who wants to lose weight

Losing weight is vital to heart health and improves energy levels, and a slimmer appearance improves self-esteem. The fact that users of MUFAs tend to keep their weight down more successfully than those who use others fats provides one of the strongest reasons for making the change. Ideally, this change in diet should be combined with sessions at the gym, walking, cycling, or other exercises. However, even in its own right, the move to MUFAs is worth making. It does not require major changes in what you eat but a change in how you prepare your food.

3. Can improve the condition of rheumatoid disease sufferers

People who suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis pains and stiffness in their joints that impairs mobility may ease these symptoms by eating more healthily. Research shows that one of the major improvements they can make is to start eating foods prepared with MUFAs in place of processed foods made with less healthy fats. Unfortunately, they cannot expect to cure their arthritis so easily, but whatever relief they can find this way is appreciated. This benefit comes in addition to other general health benefits MUFAs can bring them.

4. Maximize potential vitamin intake

The importance of a good vitamin balance to healthy bodies is a matter of common knowledge. Ideally, people need to get their vitamins from foodstuffs, sunlight, and other natural sources but they can use vitamin supplements if these natural sources are insufficient. Using olive oil for cooking and replacing other fats with MUFAs helps the body absorb those vitamins that are fat-soluble, for example, vitamins A and D. Therefore, even if the actual vitamin intake remains the same their effectiveness increases.

5. Reduces risks of developing inflammatory illnesses

At their mildest level, inflammatory illnesses force people to lose time from study and work and causes them a great deal of distress, but if not properly treated they develop into serious health dangers. Positive changes in the diet help reduce the risks of these illnesses and assist the body in overcoming them. Removal of junk foods from the menu and increasing the use of MUFAs are two of the recommended steps to take. These changes become more effective when combined with an exercise program.

6. Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep

It is easy to underrate the importance of getting sufficient sleep. The body needs these hours of sleep to recharge its batteries. After a decent night’s sleep, a person becomes energized and hence better able to meet the physical and emotional challenges life poses. Laboratory studies on mice showed that the animals who received MUFAs slept much longer than those given other kinds of fats. This suggests that diets with good MUFAs can contribute to healthier sleeping patterns.

7. A boost to memory

There is wide scope for additional research to explore the links between memory and diet. Preliminary studies indicate that high amounts of saturated fats in meals impede memory functioning. It follows that replacing these unhealthy fats with MUFAs can potentially enhance memory. The pressing need to treat patients with Alzheimer’s and similar diseases encourages researchers to investigate the extent that MUFAs might perhaps reduce the risks of such mental deterioration and help to treat it.

8. Could help to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer

This life-threatening disease has become more common in western countries. One of the areas medical researchers investigate is the influence of diet on the risks of developing the disease. A study in Sweden showed that women who have good amounts of MUFAs in their meals seem to face a lower risk. The medical profession requires additional surveys and tests to draw firm conclusions, but nobody argues that this change in diet is undesirable.

9. Food prepared with MUFAs is much tastier

While taste in food is obviously a very subjective matter, there is general agreement that the use of MUFAs improves taste as well as brings many health benefits. People need to overcome their natural reluctance to change diet, and they are pleasantly surprised. For example, avocados make an excellent addition to any salad. And avocado paste is a good substitute for fatty butter and margarine. The bookshops and culinary websites are full of inventive recipes using MUFAs.

10. A wise mood for bodybuilders

The classic image of a healthy body is one with a very good ratio of muscle mass to body fat. Regular workouts in the gym, weightlifting, and other sports definitely contribute to achieving this desirable body. Replacing unhealthy fats with MUFAs also helps get the body into good shape. Besides cutting out one of the causes of body fat accumulation, these good fats combine well with protein to aid in muscle development.