10 of the Benefits Cannellini Beans Bring

These tasty beans are native to the Americas, but they have become a popular ingredient in Asian cooking, for example, many people include them in curries. Some people prefer to describe them as white kidney beans since they have a creamy color. While there is this difference of opinion about what to call them, there is general agreement about their nutritional value and the wider health benefits they bring. It has not yet reached the stage where they are readily available at the local fruit and vegetable store, but it should be easy enough to get them from one of the many natural food retailers.

A good meal plan choice for diabetics

How to design nourishing and healthy meal plans for people with diabetes is one of the many challenges that those with this illness have to handle. Cannellini beans are a foodstuff that people with diabetes can enjoy while also benefiting from its positive impact on their health. The beans contain substances that help to stabilize blood sugar and keep cholesterol levels under control. Therefore, in addition to the nourishment the eaters derive and the pleasure they bring to the taste buds, these beans can help in diabetes management.

Contributes to strong heart health

Its contribution to keeping a good cholesterol balance is one of the ways that cannellini beans help their eaters maintain their cardiovascular health. The aim is not ridding the body of cholesterol since a certain amount needs to be present but to keep a good ratio between the “bad” and “good” cholesterols. This reduces the risk of artery blockages and associated heart disease. Adding these beans to the diet also increases the levels of folate in the bloodstream to lower homocysteine levels.

Contains good quantities of iron

Lack of the iron mineral causes fatigue and people often start to feel dizzy and develop headaches. They might become anemic in the more serious cases. Incorporating cannellini beans in the diet aids the body to retain good hemoglobin levels in the bloodstream. Getting the vital minerals good health requires through diet is a much more natural than relying on supplements in pill form. These beans are a much tastier iron booster!

Enhances natural protection against cell damage

An understanding of the causes of cell damage is basic to an appreciation to natural treatments. Poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyles and living in polluted cities cause toxins to accumulate in the body. The free radical compounds attack cell tissue to open the way to infection and disease. Antioxidant compounds defend cells against these attacks. Cannellini beans have strong antioxidant properties. This makes these vegetables a valued ally to those internal forces resisting diabetes, heart problems, arthritis and a range of other serious health problems.

An excellent protein supplement

We often hear about the importance of eating sufficient meat and dairy products for the protein they contain. The body needs protein to repair tissue damage, for example, to heal the skin after a cut. It also needs protein to build healthy bones and muscles. A lack of protein is one of the issues vegetarians need to be concerned about. Since just half a cup of cannellini beans contains approximately eight grams of protein, this food source enables vegetarians and others to get the amounts of protein their bodies need to function effectively.

Valued for its high magnesium contact

Magnesium is another example of a mineral essential to our health that occurs in good amounts in a serving of cannellini beans. The body uses magnesium to control heartbeat and the movement of muscles. It also fulfills a key function preserving arteries in good condition and improving blood circulation. When a doctor diagnoses a lack of magnesium, he or she usually recommends supplementary tablets. As an alternative, why not suggest adding these beans to the daily diet. A subsequent blood test should show a distinct improvement in magnesium levels.

Welcome news for sufferers from constipation

In addition to being extremely painful and unpleasant, regular problems with constipation are a serious matter. Some sufferers from this condition have been very pleased to discover how eating cannellini beans brings them relief. Since these beans contain a good amount of insoluble fiber, they are an ideal choice for a natural constipation treatment. They also tend to have a laxative effect to improve the removal of waste from the body. Nevertheless, if constipation keeps reoccurring, it is important to get a thorough medical checkup.

This food is good for the digestive system

The fiber in cannellini beans that is so good for sufferers from constipation also benefits those with several digestive system problems. Although it is not possible to support this contention with the results of widely accepted scientific research, there is evidence that eating these beans seems to lessen the chance of developing irritable bowel syndrome. Remember to eat slowly and in small amounts or the advantage might be offset by eating habits that make it harder for the digestive system to work well.

Increases the amount of vitamin B1 in the bloodstream

Vitamin BI, or Thiamine as some prefer to call it, is another of the vitamins cannellini beans contribute to bodily well-being. The body uses vitamin B to transform carbohydrates into energy. It is important for the operation of the nervous system, the kidney, and the immune system. Some claim that there are links between low thiamine levels and mental health issues. Those with sufficient vitamin B intake might even face lower risks of developing Alzheimer’s or other kinds of degenerative diseases.

Holds off signs of old age in the skin

It is common to feel upset or even a little depressed when the first of those wrinkles appear, but how many think of reaching for the cannellini beans instead of the anti-wrinkling cream. Those antioxidant compounds that resist the cell damage from free radical activity also apparently help to prevent wrinkles forming. It seems that these beans really do offer a delicious way to keep skin looking young and fresh that much longer.