10 Symptoms of Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease most often associated with women. Male breast cancer happens much less frequently than female breast cancer because male breasts do not go through as complex a development stage. There are some milk ducts in men, although they aren’t as complete as those of women. As always, prevention is key: an earlier diagnosis means a better prognosis.


One of the first symptoms you’ll likely notice if you have developed breast cancer is fatigue. Many chronic illnesses can cause fatigue to appear. In most cases, fatigue goes away with a bit of rest. But for cancer patients it’s different: even long periods of rest won’t help reduce fatigue. Being tired is your body’s natural way of telling you that something is wrong. This is especially worrying if it is long-lasting. As cancer grows, your body becomes tired as it tries to fight off a disease. Contact your doctor if your fatigue doesn’t get better with rest.

Weight Loss

For some people, losing a certain amount of weight may be healthy; especially if you are overweight. But if you lose weight without any apparent reason, you may have male breast cancer. Because the body needs lots of energy to fight the disease, you lose lots of weight and mass. If you have cancer, your appetite is also likely to become smaller, and therefore you eat less. Over time, this can lead to weight loss. Monitor your weight to make sure it stays within healthy limits. If you lose weight without making changes to your diet or exercise, contact your doctor.

Lump in The Breast

One of the most obvious indications of male breast cancer is a lump that develops in the chest or nearby areas. Even though breast cancer is most likely to affect women, men can also develop this type of cancer. For this reason, it’s important to be on the lookout for any new developments in the chest area. Lumps are one of the earliest signs to appear. To perform a self-checkup, feel the breast muscles for any suspicious bumps or lumps. Contact your doctor immediately if you feel anything.

Other Symptoms

Besides the commonly associated symptoms of pain, fatigue and weight loss, there are a wide variety of less usual symptoms that may also show up in some cases. Many of these can indicate the development of cancer. Sometimes, they appear out of nowhere while in other cases they develop slowly over time. One of the most unusual symptoms to appear is an unexplained bleeding originating from the nipple. Discharge may also be present. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye for any suspicious changes to the body. You can also notice swelling in the chest and surrounding areas.

Lump Under Nipple

Sometimes, a lump may develop under the nipple, which is a strong indication of male breast cancer. Tumors can be benign in nature, meaning that they don’t spread; on the contrary, they can be malignant if they have the potential to spread from one part of the body to another. Cancerous tumors evolve rapidly, so it’s important to be aware of your body. Doctors recommend examining the torso once every few weeks to ensure optimal health. If you are unsure of how to perform a self-care routine at home, ask your doctor for further advice.

Redness of the Skin

Another potential indication of male breast cancer is redness of the skin. The skin around the nipples may appear red or irritated. Other parts of the breast may also show this symptom. Sometimes, redness may be the only visible indication of cancer, but other symptoms will usually also be present. If you notice any redness of the skin, contact your doctor for further analysis. The skin may develop a rash that may or may not come and go; it may also appear inflamed. In some cases, the skin will also feel warm to the touch, and it may feel tender when touched.


A rash develops on our skin when we come into contact with an irritant such an allergen. But they can also develop because of other more serious conditions, such as cancer. Besides skin cancer, male breast cancer patients may potentially develop a rash in the affected area. Regarding appearance, it usually appears red, and sometimes it may be scaly. In some cases, it may also be inflamed. Be careful not to confuse a rash with other skin conditions such as psoriasis, which also resembles a rash.

Inverted Nipple

A visible indication of male breast cancer may be having an inverted nipple. An inverted nipple is simply a nipple that doesn’t point outward; rather, it is treated into the breast. Even though this condition is most likely to affect women, men can also be affected. The nipple may protrude if it is stimulated by massaging the surrounding area. There are different degrees of inverted nipples depending on the extent of the condition.

Nipple Discharge

One of the more rarer symptoms, nipple discharge, can occur if the cancer is invasive. While in most cases a palpable mass can be observed, nipple discharge is another sign that should be taken into account. Because this symptom is often overlooked, many patients end up receiving a belated diagnosis, lowering prognosis. If you notice any discharge originating from the nipples, observe the color and consistency, and report it to your doctor. Be sure to look for other related symptoms which usually accompany nipple discharge, such as redness or a rash.

Changes in Size And Shape of breast

Changed in size and the shape of the breast is a frequent and common indication of the development of breast cancer. Most men don’t seek out help at this stage; they often feel embarrassed by the changes in the size or shape of their breast. This may put them off from seeing a doctor and getting a diagnosis. Nothing is more important than getting an early diagnosis, as this significantly improves the prognosis. This is especially true for cancer. Things such as color, shape, and texture can all change, so be on the lookout for anything suspicious.