10 Ways to Cure a Hangover

A night of drinking can lead to a morning full of regrets, aches, and pains. Amongst other things, a nasty hangover, typically characterized by a throbbing headache and queasy stomach, is what you’ll find yourself dealing with. Though you’ll be hoping for some easy quick-fixes for your hangover, there are no cast iron cures that’ll have you feeling fresh and bright in a jiffy. There are, however, some remedies that could help provide relief to a certain extent. Read on to find out what these are.


This may be the last thing you want to do when hungover, but exercising after an alcohol binge can greatly help your body. It will help rid your body of toxins faster while also inciting release of endorphins which uplift your spirits. However, do not over exert yourself and be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent further dehydration. Taking a walk or slow jogging would be ideal low-intensity exercise for you.

Sports Drink

A lot of sports drinks are rich in electrolytes which is what your body craves in the aftermath of a drinking session. So guzzle a sports drink when you’re sick of drinking water. Alongside hydrating you and replenishing essential minerals, it will also energize you. Avoid heavily caffeinated drinks though – they may cause further dehydration. If you’re unable to find such a sports drink, oral rehydration solutions may be consumed instead.

Potassium-Rich Foods

The first meal you treat your hungover body to should ideally be rich in potassium. This will energize you, provide relief from muscle weakness and tired limbs and also alleviate nausea, if any. You can munch on bananas or kiwis, mushrooms and leafy greens or baked potatoes and dried apricots if you have those lying around. If you feel sick on eating however, give your body some time before consuming too much.

Ginger/Peppermint Tea

Both ginger and peppermint tea are known to sooth the digestive system and calm an upset stomach. If your hangover has led to nausea and/or stomach pain, get some tea brewing and sip it periodically. Doing so will stimulate the body’s detoxification mechanisms and soon you’ll be feeling better. Go in for freshly brewed tea instead of instant preparations if possible. You could also have green tea if unable to procure ginger/peppermint tea.


Another great breakfast option after a night of heavy drinking would be good old eggs. They comprise of certain powerful amino acids which rid your body of toxins, especially those produced on alcohol consumption. Do not prepare your eggs with heavy use of fatty substances like grease or butter – this may increase the nausea. Make a light meal without using too much fat for cooking.


While going in for spring vegetables like asparagus may not be your first instinct when hungover, it is actually quite a good idea. Asparagus has many nutrients and amino acids that protect your body against damage from alcoholic by-products. Eating asparagus will also ease your stressed liver so that your night of drinking does not have long-term consequences vis-a-vis your health.


For those who suffer from severe nausea after drinking heavily, eating simple bland meals the next morning would be advisable. Munch on toast and crackers till the urge to puke passes for these are less taxing on your highly sensitive digestive system. If you’re able to retain that in your stomach, you can then consider eating normal food in your next meal.


When you indulge in a little too much alcohol, your body loses a lot of essential nutrients including B12 and foliate. Though these get replenished by themselves within a few days, taking a multivitamin when hungover is recommended nonetheless. Taking a multivitamin will help your body get back to normal at the earliest. This is a great way to ensure post-bingeing damage control.


The age old go-to remedy for hangovers is over-the-counter painkillers that help reduce headaches and muscle fatigue. You can go in for aspirin-based formulas or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). If you’re not sure of which painkillers to take or in what quantity, consult a physician. Also, stay away from acetaminophen-based formulations for they too are processed in the liver and may end up overworking it.


Alcohol is a diuretic which means it robs your body of fluid content. That’s what causes most of your hangover woes. So the first thing to do is hydrate yourself lavishly. Drink water every hour to restore your body’s water content. If possible, drink water before going to bed on a drunken night to prevent getting a massive hangover in the first place. And begin the next day with two glasses of water for fighting the hangover off.