43 Spectacular Pink Nails for Your Cute Summer Manicure

Do you happen to have a long palm with slim fingers? Good, since you are a perfect candidate for rocking square nail shape. It’s one of the most versatile nail shapes that are appropriate to wear in any setting and on any occasion. However, what makes our nails stand out is not their shape but nail designs tailored to the hottest trends. And here is our fresh collection of inspirations that are worth stealing for your next manicure.

Tapered Square Nails

The square shape is praised for the freedom it allows, as you can wear your natural nails short or long and be quite happy with the result, unlike with the more demanding stiletto shape. Yet, if you bother to grow long square nails, you can take it a step further and slightly narrow the sides towards the tip while keeping it flat. You will arrive at square tapered nails that look daintier than the classic shape but remain wider throughout the length if compared with ballerina nails.

Short Square Nails

There is nothing wrong with clipping your nails short since you can always refine the shape, which may seem too simple in its skimpy version, with an exquisite design. Elegant nail summer trends include mirror effects, half moon mani, and mismatched full-on colors for different hands. Smiley faces, colorful swirls, or cute short nails with complementary pattern/color combinations are among the fanciest options. You can find more ideas for your next nail appointment by following the links.

Square Acrylic Nails

We love acrylic nails for the enhanced strength, better durability, and extra length they grant to our mani. Although girls tend to use acrylics for getting dramatically long or at least medium-length nails, acrylic manicures can strengthen the plates of short square-shaped nails to allow for more daring designs, namely, massive gems or multidimensional sculptured flowers.

Long Square Nails

If short square acrylic nails don’t provide enough space for your creativity, it’s time to move to longer versions, be they natural or artificial. Square long nails are less likely to visually cut the length of your palm and can accommodate plenty of designs that would look overwhelming on less ample nail plates. The trendiest summer nail art offers 3D droplets made of gel, nail charms, and gradients.

Rounded Square Nails

Since rounded nails create an elongating effect, women with wide nail plates may find it more aesthetically pleasing to smooth out the corners of their nails. Moreover, it is the easiest nail shape to maintain because it’s less prone to breakage and you will need only to even it out as the nails grow. The shape goes well with various nail designs, including minimalist nail art with stickers and dotted patterns.

Medium Square Nails

Square medium-length nails provide a happy middle ground for those ladies who seek wider opportunities for embracing stunning nail art paired with low commitment. The square shape looks more feminine and graceful in longer versions, yet the medium length is easier to achieve and retain. A stylish summer manicure for this length can vary from themed confetti glitter and asymmetric French tips to dimensional shimmery topcoats and lace patterns.

White Square Nails

Is there something more classic yet refreshing than white nail designs? Despite the seeming simplicity of this approach to mani, white nail art is no less interesting than bright nail colors. You can play with various shades and choose between glossy and matte finishes while applying the color as a base or use it as a domineering color in an ombre or classic French manicure. If looking for a chicer design, give preference to square white acrylic nails with lavishly decorated accents.

Square French Tip Nails

Nail artists and their clients seem to go crazy over French manicure this year, inventing new and new renditions of the classic design. Some of them experiment with different colors of nail tips, for example, giving each finger a new shade or painting dramatic black against a nude base color. Others add texture and sparkle to an otherwise dull color scheme. Longer square nail designs can pull off colorful swirls or tips embellished with pearls.

Squoval Nails

The square shape can be easily transformed into a softer version that combines rounded corners and a flat tip. It’s the easiest shape for girls wishing to visually slim their fingers since it delivers the desired effect unfailingly on long and short nails. Actually, nail artists believe this shape is the most universally flattering, and you will find myriad square oval nail ideas for 2022.

Black Square Nails

Black is the right color for making a bold statement, which doesn’t prevent black nails from radiating a touch of class. Even ladies with a very dark skin tone can pull off this color in a glossy finish, while sophisticated matte black will give a luxurious appearance to nails sitting on a light skin. Besides, contrasting black French tip nails are widely popular nowadays, as well as everlasting black and white combos.

Pink Square Nails

Bright summer nail art would be short of fun without our favorite pinks. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer gel polishes, press-on nails, or hand-painted art — make sure to incorporate this vibrant color into your looks. Think of pink nails with a highly contrasting yet simple black pattern to bring in glam rock vibes, or couple this yummy shade with bright orange and red for an eye-popping fluorescent effect.

Square Coffin Nails

We can consider coffin-shaped nails part of the square family since they feature the same flat tip, although with more tapered sides. You will need long or at least medium-length square nails to rock the shape, but its stylishness is well worth the effort. Long coffin nails afford a nice canvas for offbeat abstract art, encapsulated decals, or foil French manicure.

Square Ombre Nails

Color transitions lend themselves well to both long and short square nails, provided that the scheme is chosen correctly. For instance, red-to-black ombre nails muted with matte finish look stylish even in shorter versions. However, hot and happening ombre choices are not limited to colors fading into each other within one nail plate. Other best nail designs for 2022 include placing a different tone of one color on each finger to create a bright-to-pale transition from Tommy Thumb to Baby Small.

Nude Square Nails

If you are after short nails with a simple design, look no further — neutrals are known for having a classy touch regardless of length, and they are on-trend. In their pure form, spiffy nude nail designs imply finding a perfect shade to complement your skin tone. However, neutral square nails can be beautifully decorated with crystals, glitter, or stickers, not to mention all kinds of French tips.

Red Square Nails

Classic red nails never go out of style, and this dramatic color works fine for the square shape, dressing it up and making the nails pop. Trending red square nails are colored with burgundy matte, wrapped in a black & red ombre, or adorned with glittering details. Getting bright-color nails is a nice way to lift your spirits and own an edgy look throughout 2022.

Matte Square Nails

Matte nails create a striking focal point on their own, so you don’t even need to reinvent the wheel — just take a trendy color, such as dark green, black, blue, or wine red, and be ready to catch envious looks. Mixed textures are also going strong this year, and you can easily highlight your accent ring finger design by adding a matte effect to it. Solid dark colors chime well with the square nail shape, but it doesn’t hurt to blend a piece of nail art into the matte base.

Blue Square Nails

According to A-list nail artists, blue is declared the shade of the moment for 2022, so you’d better go for your new royal blue nail polish. As square nails may look chunky in full-on bright colors, especially when the nails lack length, you are welcome to weaken the blue by pairing it with negative space or mixing it with pastel blue shades. A checkboard design, French tips, and multi-tone swirls are just a few ideas to borrow.

Skinny Square Nails

Short square nails may look stubby, but longer nails with the totally straight sidewalls of a single width may seem too heavy. Where is the way out? Source inspiration from ballerina-shaped

You can hardly find a woman who doesn’t like pink color. And since the palette is broad, every lady can choose her favorite shade, suiting her appearance. And, of course, pink nails never get out of trend!

Different shades of pink are often used in summer nail art, adding romance to their owners. Do you have any ideas for your next manicure? Don’t forget about pink polish! On this page, we want to offer some interesting ideas on how to use this color in your nail design, and every lady will find something suitable!

1. Stunning Pink Ombre Nails

Cute ombre nails have been at the peak of popularity, and it is a great manicure idea for every day. The classic ombre implies beige and white colors, but why not diversify your nail art with brighter shades? It’s hard to imagine summer nails without pink, so add it to your ombre. Pick the pink polish that best suits your preferences and skin color, and enjoy a perfect manicure.

2. Gorgeous Pink and White Nails

Pink and white nail designs always look winning and make a perfect color combination. Making a pink manicure for the summer mood is the best way to get attractive nails suiting all styles and occasions. Consider it as the next nail idea during your visit to the beauty salon, and admire the result on your elegant fingers.

3. Universal Manicure with Light Pink Nails

Nude colors have firmly rooted in all manicure trends, and light pink is one of them. Such light shades look lovely on all nail lengths and always highlight the elegance of the lady’s fingers.

More and more women prefer manicures with no bright designs, so light pink nails are the best option in this case. It will become one of your favorite pink nail designs! And those who would like to make their mani more unique can add rhinestones or glitter on one finger.

4. Impressive Pink Acrylic Nails

Many ladies would like to have a long, attractive manicure, but what to do if nails are brittle and short? Here, acrylic nails come in handy since it’s the easiest way to extend nails in a few hours and enjoy a perfect pink nail design. Forget about short nails and get dozens of admiring glances on your well-groomed hands.

5. Hot Pink Nails for Bright Personalities

Summer nail designs are not limited to nude and pastel colors. Barbie pink shade is an excellent option for ladies who love being at the center of attention. Apply hot pink nail polish and get a bright and attractive manicure! One more idea is choosing a more neutral shade and adding some patterns and stickers to get cute summer nails.

6. Unusual Classic: Pink French Tip Nails

Many ladies like a classic French manicure, implying nude base and white tips. And what about such a design with bright pink nails? Pick your favorite gel polish colors and be ready to create a unique manicure. Draw pink tip nails, which look elegant but unusual, and get a stunning art that everybody would like to repeat.

7. Cute Baby Pink Nails

Light pink nails will never lose their relevance among women of all ages. It’s one of the most common pink shades, suiting all women with any skin color. A light shade is a perfect base for pink nail designs, allowing you to turn on your imagination and develop a unique manicure idea.

8. Elegant Nude Pink Nails for All Occasions

Plain pink nails are the choice of modern ladies who value their comfort. Such a manicure is suitable for any occasion and fits any style. Nude pink nails look elegant and strict, and if you want to make your mani brighter, add stickers or glitter. You should also pay attention to rainbow manicures, implying different shades of pink color on your nails.

9. Extravagant Black and Pink Nails

The combination of these colors has always been great, but remember that it’s bright and makes an accent to your look. Black and pink nail designs are perfect for all nail shapes and lengths, making them a universal manicure idea.

Apply some black patterns on your beautiful pink nails to get a unique design. The most common options are in minimalistic style and include abstract lines and geometric figures. Don’t forget about this cute idea during your next manicure appointment!

10. Always Winning Clear Pink Nails

Soft pink nails are a great idea on any occasion, and a lady will always look relevant and stylish. Clear nails with no complicated designs are now at the peak of popularity since women often prefer simple manicures. Choose the most suitable shade and enjoy minimalistic nail art designs!

11. White and Pink Nail Ideas

It seems that pink and white nail designs will never lose their relevance, as these shades are considered classic. While monochrome white nails look too simple for many ladies, applying some bright pink is always a great idea! Many women choose the combination of milky and light pink colors as their wedding nails so that the manicure doesn’t distract attention from the dress.

12. Attractive Pink Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are now very popular among stylish ladies, and the most significant benefit of this shape is that it looks stunning in any color. Such long nails will not leave the woman without attention! Pick a perfect shade for your manicure, and enjoy your solid pink nails for several weeks.

13. Shiny Pink Nails with Glitter

Adding sparkles to your pink nail design is always a perfect idea to shine every day! Glitter nails are becoming more and more popular: if before it was considered a festive mani, now ladies prefer such nail polishes daily. The color palette is enormous so that each lady will find the most suitable shade for her attractive pink glitter nails.

14. Classic Pink Marble Nails

Marble nail designs have remained on the top list of all trends and are not planning to leave their positions. Such minimalistic but unusual nail art has won the women’s hearts since it’s suitable for any event.

And, of course, making a pink manicure is an awesome idea! Pick the best white base and add light pink chaotic lines. It’s one of the most impressive summer nail ideas adored by women.

15. Bright and Attractive Neon Pink Nails

Are you in the mood to make bright pink nails? Then, you shouldn’t forget that neon nail polishes are extremely common among ladies, especially in summer. Such a trendy option suits bright personalities who enjoy standing out from the crowd. And if you are not ready for such experiments, make one neon accent nail, which also looks remarkable.

16. Pink and Blue Nails: Perfect Contrasting Art

Have you ever thought of the pink and blue color combination? Even though it may seem unusual to many people, such a contrast looks wonderful! If you are already bored with simple pink designs, consider this idea during your next visit to a beauty salon. Deep blue nail color is one of the best options for summer, so combine it with your favorite pink shade and enjoy your bright summer nails.

17. Pink and Gold Nails to Shine Brighter in Summer

If you want to add an unusual accent to your cute pink nails, you should not forget about gold nail polish! Adding it to all fingers may be too sparkly for many women, so the best option is to highlight two accent nails.

18. Stylish Short Pink Nails

Many ladies prefer short nails since it’s a convenient and stylish option. And, of course, different shades of pink are considered a universal feminine manicure that suits all shapes and lengths. Pink nails for summer add a bright mood and elegance to their owner. Moreover, almost every nail design looks wonderful in pink shades.

19. Pink and Purple Combination for Unusual Designs

Do you like purple mani? And what about combining it with pink shades? We are confident that it’s a perfect solution for an unusual and gorgeous nail design. For instance, think about making a unique French or nail art with abstract lines. Another idea is to select pale pink nails and add purple flowers, looking incredibly stylish on long and short nails.

20. Pink Butterfly Nails: Choose a Perfect Pattern

Numerous pink nail designs are available for ladies, so it’s up to your imagination! French nail tips of different colors are one of the trendiest ideas! And pink shades will perfectly suit such a manicure. If you want to make your nail art even more exciting, add a butterfly pattern as your ring finger nail design.

21. Classic Pastel Pink Nails

Pastel nail polish is a great option for a classic, strict mani that suits all ladies. If you are searching for a cute summer manicure, pick your favorite shade of pink and turn on your imagination. For instance, cotton candy nails are a tender and nice option for short and long nails that all women will definitely like.

22. Matte Pink Nails for Stylish and Elegant Women

The easiest way to make a unique manicure is by adding a matte finish. Hot pink nails will look more muted and calmer with such a top. Different shades of pink are the best option for your eye catching summer mani!

23. Hot Pink Nails with Diamonds

Gold rhinestones on pink nails are always a great idea for everyday and special occasions. You can find numerous pink nail designs with glitter and diamonds that look strict and attractive. If you don’t want your manicure to be too shiny, pick a top coat with a light shimmer, looking extremely stylish.

24. Pretty Pink Powder Nails

Pick a noble pink powder polish and make the manicure of your dreams right now! Pink acrylic nails are the choice of self-confident and elegant ladies; moreover, such a mani suits all occasions. And if you are in the mood to make a fun pink nail design, add some glitter or a cute sticker!

25. Pale Pink Nails as the Most Classic Option

Pale pink nail design is one of the most common nude manicures that is adored by millions of women. If you want to make colorful art, consider that pink and white nails are a perfect combination. For instance, pick a pink base coat and apply white lines or flowers, making a perfect summer manicure that will attract admiring glances.

26. Perfect Manicure with Pink Swirls

Ladies know that different shades of pink nails will never go out of trend. But monochrome color is often too boring! Consider light pink swirls on clear nails, a simple but attractive art. Save this idea for your next salon visit!

27. Pink and Red Nails Combination

Do you know that red and pink are a perfect color combo? Red nails have become classic, and almost all women adore this color since it’s noble and always relevant. And if you have longer nails and want to make an unusual design, add some pink patterns and enjoy your manicure.

28. Dark Pink Nails for Perfect Designs

Dark pink is often underestimated, and women rarely choose it in beauty salons. However, this shade is stylish and elegant, so pay attention to it during your next nail appointment. You can perfectly complement pink designs with silver glitter. Choose the best shade for your cute pink nails and add some sparkles to make it more unique.

29. The Trendiest Pink and Green Nails

Have you ever thought of making a manicure with a mix of pink and green? Many think it’s a fun color combination, but it looks very stylish if you pick the trendiest shades. Apply a matte finish to make your mani even more unusual. Pay attention to the manicure with geometric figures and abstract lines, one of the most popular designs.

30. Barbie Pink Nails for Stylish Girls

Are you looking for some trendy nail ideas? The pink color will remain on the top list of all trends for many seasons. Bright pink nails, also known as a Barbie manicure, suit all ladies with any skin tone. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you have short or long square nails since this shade is amazing for all shapes.

31. Pink and Silver Nails

All colors look fantastic with silver glitter, and different shades of pink are not an exception. Silver lines on a pink base are a perfect solution for a cute and elegant summer manicure. It’s one of the most common pink nail trends that will never lose relevance, so consider it when visiting your nail technician.

32. Noble and Elegant Blush Pink Nails

Pink nail design is always a great idea if you don’t know which shade to pick in the beauty salon! Pick a beautiful color combination and add contrasting shades to create a unique manicure for summer. Blush pink is an excellent option for almond and stiletto nails, which look noble and elegant on any lady.

33. Attractive Shiny Pink Chrome Nails

The chrome top is very popular among stylish ladies since this sparkling manicure is perfect for summer. Light glitter on a chrome nail design shines attractively in the sun and can immediately cheer you up. Select the shade you like most and enjoy your shiny nails! The palette of summer nail colors is enormous so that every woman will find something suitable.

34. Pink and Yellow Nails for Sunny Days

A combination of pink and bright yellow is the best solution for summer. Turn on your imagination and create a unique design for your acrylic or natural nails. Maybe you like the French manicure or ombre? The selection is insane, so think over the best manicure ideas and visit a beauty salon to bring them to life immediately.

35. Unusual Pink Leopard Print Nails

Animalistic prints have always been popular among stylish ladies, and many prefer such a design on their nails. A cute leopard design can create a bright accent to your look and will attract attention. For instance, pick a perfect pink and blue combination and go on.

The selection of pink nail ideas is huge since you can combine this color with numerous other shades. A leopard print mani also looks wonderful with a matte finish.

36. Hot Pink and Black Nails

Are you a fan of black nail designs? Since dark colors look too gloomy during summer, we offer you to dilute them with some bright shades. For instance, you can make an extravagant French manicure, applying a pink base and black tips. If you like pink acrylic nails, consider adding black patterns or stickers to create a stunning manicure that all ladies would like to repeat.

37. Experiment with Pink Flame Nails

Pink fire nails will create a bright accent to your look, even if you have a strict and discreet clothing style. Flame nails are designed for self-confident ladies who love being at the center of attention. Of course, this idea is not for short nails, but long square flame pink nails will look fantastic on any occasion.

38. Classy Bubble Gum Pink Nails

Choose soft pink nails for everyday or special occasions since this manicure looks stunning and suits all clothing styles. Moreover, you can complement this color with any design you like. For instance, you can pick pink press on nails and create unique patterns on your fingers. Pale pink nails are a truly universal option for all shapes and lengths.

39. Fabulous Pink and Gray Nails

Classy gray nails are always a great idea, but add a pinch of romance with nice pink nail polish. You can perfectly complement summer gray nail designs with colorful patterns, stickers, or glitter. Matte or glossy nails? It’s up to you to decide!

40. Perfect Pink and Brown Nail Art

We bet you haven’t thought about combining pink and brown polishes on your nails! However, it’s one of the latest trends of manicure that is quickly gaining popularity among stylish ladies. Such a fun color combination will look stunning on any occasion and suits women with all skin tones. Make square pink nails and add a brown design – what can be better?

41. Wonderful Pink V Tip Nails

V tip nail designs are now as popular as the classic French manicure. And you can choose any shades you like to proceed with your perfect manicure! For instance, pick a nude base and apply pink nail tips, an elegant and romantic combination. It’s worth noting that such nail art looks best on long nails in almond and stiletto shapes.

42. Pink Nails with Floral Design

Floral designs are especially popular in spring and summer when ladies prefer manicures in light colors with exciting art. White flowers on pink nails suit all shapes and lengths and can be combined with any clothing style. Select the perfect shades of pink and turn on your imagination. If you don’t like much design in your mani, make one accent nail with a pattern and leave others in monochrome color.

43. Sparkly Pink Nails with Foil

A nail design with foil will be at the peak of all trends since it’s a minimalistic and stylish way to decorate your manicure. You can combine hot pink nails with gold or silver foil that shines beautifully on the sun. One more option is picking a foil of a matching shade and enjoying your monochrome mani with an exciting accent.

Many ladies prefer making manicures at home, while others only visit beauty salons. However, every woman can face the situation that she needs to remove the gel polish immediately without her nail technician.

How to remove gel nail polish at home?

Even though many women think that removing the gel polish at home will damage their nails, it’s not true. Everything will be fine if the procedure is done correctly, and your nails will remain strong and glossy. The whole process is effortless, so ensure that you have a nail file, cotton pads, foil, and gel nail polish remover, and follow the guide:

  • Use a nail file to remove the top layer of the gel polish.
  • Cut the cotton pads into small triangles that can fully cover a nail.
  • Add some acetone to the cotton pad, apply it to the nail, and wrap tightly in foil.

That’s all! Wait for several minutes and remove the foil from your fingers. The gel polish will come off together with it. If something goes wrong and some polish still remains on the nails, you should repeat the procedure.

nails with the sides going a bit narrower towards the tip! The elongation is guaranteed, and the choice of designs is endless, from simple nail stickers to detailed hand-painted art.

Summer Square Nails

Current trends please us with a bright summer manicure that boasts a blend of gold foil with showy colors, funny 90s patterns dressed in neon hues, and attention-getting animal prints. Your season-matching nails can reflect the blue of the summer sky with floating white clouds, or you may get inspired by the hot sun and go for yellow square nails with the different designs.

Spring Square Nails

The year 2022 is lavish with different spring nail designs, ranging from butterfly-inspired nail sets to heart-shaped acrylic accents and floral stickers. The floral nail art comes with realistic flowers or, quite the contrary, pictogram-like daisies blooming on bare nails or neutral backgrounds. Implanting a flower bud in light green is another way to go, the more so that the color is closely associated with the season and green nails are in vogue.

Square Fall Nails

Fall square nails are expected to sparkle with reflective metallic shades and pearly decorations embedded into neutral bases. Matte nude nails and solid colors are also on the rise, offering a nice setting for a fresh trend — monogrammed mani. Other booming fall colors include periwinkle, rich brown, and crimson red. And don’t miss your chance to get a skinnier version of acrylic square nails since the elongated coffin shape will soon be everywhere.

Square Nail Design with Glitter

Not only are glitter nails fashionable but also highly doable on the square shape. Moreover, a tiny piece of gold foil placed on a clear or beige base can make a huge difference, as even short nails look much more elegant with such a delicate and luxurious design. You can also combine a monochrome color pallet with glitter on two nails to create an eye-catching accent or opt for creatively gilded patterns.

Light Pink Square Nails

Yes, we have already touched on pink nail designs, but this time, we’d like to delve into paler shades of the color, which are more suitable for short square nails and have a more romantic feel about them. Ask your nail technician for a rose marble design or match lighter and brighter shades of pink to draw a thin two-color line on your cute French smile line.

Brown Square Nails

Since earthy hues seamlessly line up with the “naturalness” trend, square brown nails deserve a share of our attention. As we have previously mentioned, tapered brown nails are predicted to grow into fashion by the fall, but you can start adopting the style right now. For example, cover short square nails with brown and paint an accent finger with a cool leopard print.

Narrow Square Nails

Long square nails can be customized to ultimately balance your nail beds by visually narrowing the shape. Go for acrylic nails if your natural length is too short, or give preference to a much-loved gel polish mani if your own nails are long and strong enough. Anyway, the length is well suited for ombre transitions, sporty stripes, and other hot designs.

Natural Square Nails

Those girls who are dead sure their nails are perfectly groomed to show them off in all the natural beauty are encouraged to switch from nude nail designs to clear polishes. Then, they can spice up the square natural nails with colorful dots, floral decals, or nail stamp accents. Nail artists also offer to put press-on clear nails onto a nude base to wow the public with the glass effect.

Purple Square Nails

Magenta is called one of the most requested nail colors of the summer, which prompts us to look for purplish tones in nail polishes for the square nail shape. While dark and bright shades of purple might not be the best options for short square nails, as they may appear overloaded, chrome purple nails or designs in lighter hues will touch the spot.

Square Nails with Diamonds

As we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they are totally suited for different shapes of nails, including square variations of every length. The nail design with rhinestones has gone mainstream recently, making many girls rock sets of diamonds even in everyday life. Although it may be uncomfortable to wear hefty nail jewels daily, they are our top picks for a cute wedding manicure or a chic mani for other special occasions.

How to file nails square?

rather than from sidewalls. Hold the file parallel to your cuticle line when working on the tip since it can be uneven and filing straight across without aligning the tip with the cuticle may result in a distorted shape. If you are not sure that your tips are perfectly straight, look at the palm of your hand and compare the tips with an imaginary line running on the top of your fingers – they must be parallel.

When you are done with the tips, take a finer file, turn it perpendicular to the tip, and file the free edges straight out from the nail bed to get straight lines with 90-degree angles on the top. You can smooth the edges a bit to prevent them from being razor-sharp.

How to choose the right nail file?

You will need at least a 240-grit nail file to process the tips and a 400-grit or finer file to work on the edges. It’s better to opt for a cardboard nail file when taking down a lot of length and use a crystal file for finishing work to prevent chipping and peeling.