52 years American actor Romany Malco girlfriend give birth to a child

Romany Romanic Malco Jr. is an actor, voice actor, rapper, and music producer from the United States. On ABC’s one-hour drama A Million Little Things, he presently plays Rome Howard. He’s also recognized for penning the rap lyrics for MC Skat Kat in the film “Opposites Attract.” There is always someone who wants to know more about him, and this includes those who are curious about who he is dating right now. Come down to get to know Romany Malco girlfriend and wife.

Who is 52 years Romany Malco girlfriend with whom he is currently dating after splitting from his ex wife?

The American Sun-Times reported Malco and Romany Malco girlfriend looking for engagement rings on Sunday morning (July 11, 2021). The couple was observed looking at some extravagant bling in a few prominent jewelry stores, including major diamond baubles that could only be characterized as the kind that a woman would wear on her left ring finger.

They’ll be engaged soon, according to some insiders. People close to the couple are also “convinced” that an engagement is coming, according to the publication. According to a source, “he’s madly in love with her.” The romance is said to be “heating up.” But the name of Romany Malco girlfriend was not revealed.

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Who is the ex-wife of Malco? When they get married and split?

Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, was his ex-wife. In 2007, the former couple met on the set of the film The Love Guru. Malco married his ex-girlfriend in 2008 after dating for about a year. They exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, and they eventually divorced.

Malco and Dakha were only married for two years before they split up. Until today, the ex-couple kept mum about the reason for their split. Dakha is a stuntwoman, according to Malco’s former spouse. She is well-known for being Jessica Alba’s body double. She had previously worked as a professional Canadian ice skater.

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What is Taryn, wife of Romany profession?

Taryn, Romany’s ex-partner, used to be an ice skater. She’s also known for her stunt work in movies.

She has previously worked as a body double for films such as the Fantastic Four films, The Love Guru, The Eyes, and Good Luck Chuck.

Romany Malco and his girlfriend have given birth to their first child: Who is the mother of the children?

At the age of 52, Romany Malco has become a father! On Monday, the actor announced the news on Instagram (Feb. 8). Malco did not name his partner, instead referring to the other parent of his son as his “life partner.”

Malco went on to reveal the facts of his son’s birth, as well as the baby’s name. The celebrity parent told his admirers, “His name is Brave.” “He was born at 6:52 a.m. on January 22, 2021. “It was a breach, and it all transpired in less than 5 minutes,” Malco recounted.

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52 years American actor Romany Malco net worth

Romany Malco has amassed a fortune of one million dollars. His professional career has netted him a sizable chunk of money. His net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $4 million, according to certain web sources. He is content with the money he earns from his job. Malco may get this money thanks to his successful job as an actor, voice actor, rapper, and music producer in the United States.

He has established a name for himself as well as financial success as a result of his career. He is currently living a happy and affluent life with his family thanks to the money he has earned. His net worth and annual income will undoubtedly increase in the following days.

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Quick facts about Romany Malco

Full Real Name Romany Romanic Malco Jr.
Birthday November 18, 1968
Age (as of 2021) 52 years
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, United States
Profession Film producer, actor, rapper, TV producer
Net worth $4.5 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Spouse/Girlfriend Taryn Dakha
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Parents N/A
School/College Ross S. Sterling High School
Height 1.74 m
Weight 177 lbs.