7 Kickstarter Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Gamers have a great do-it-yourself ethos, which explains why we have so many amazing independent titles to play. When a gamer has a great idea, he finds the means to make it happen.

That upstart mentality makes Kickstarter a natural avenue for up-and-coming designers and developers to get that first boost. It’s already given fan favorites new life, and even funded the creation of the record-breaking Ouya console.

So what’s the latest and greatest in the works at Kickstarter? These seven projects are bringing exciting new ideas to the table, if they can just raise the funds. We’re looking forward to seeing what these game creators can do.

1. Obduction

If you loved Myst and Riven, you’ll be excited to learn the creators are at it again. Cyan, Inc. is using Kickstarter to back its newest title. Obduction (image above) promises a captivating world, great mystery and mind-bending puzzles, like Cyan’s previous titles, but with the power of modern software and graphics. If Cyan hits the funding goal of $1.1 million, the game is set to launch in mid-to-late 2015.

Project ends Nov. 16.

2. Sentris


Music games aren’t uncommon, but for most people who play instruments, the plastic controllers in Rock Band or Guitar Hero pale in comparison to the real deal. That’s what Sentris aims to change. Creator Samantha Kalman, who worked on game development at Unity Technologies, wants to put music-making within reach of anyone. Her $50,000 budget would give Sentris a puzzle mode, freestyle mode, local multiplayer and song sharing.

Project ends Nov. 21.

3. Chain Gang Chase

Chain Gang Chase

This project is the brainchild of a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Games and Media. In Chain Gang Chase, up to eight players on the screen are chained together and work to navigate a maze-like path to a train that will sever their shackles. The game even has players jointly work the controllers, giving an unexpected new twist to the idea of co-operative gaming.

Project ends Nov. 17.

4. Paradise Lost: First Contact

Paradise Lost

Spanish studio Asthree Works is looking for $70,000 to complete its side-scrolling stealth game Paradise Lost: First Contact. In a blend of sci-fi and sleuthing, you play an alien plant captured by scientists and imprisoned in a heavily guarded laboratory. Using your wits and your character’s skills, you must puzzle your way through the lab’s secrets.

Project ends Dec. 1.

5. Ever, Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen

Ever Jane


Fighting with swords and spells is so barbaric, so uncouth. In Ever, Jane, take down your foes with malicious gossip. Judy Tyrer — formerly of Linden Labs, Sony Online Entertainment and Ubisoft — has created a playable prototype of this Regency England MMORPG, and is using Kickstarter to raise the funds for better character customization, a bigger world, more elaborate interactions and additional activities in the game.

Project ends Dec. 2.


6. The 7th Guest 3: The Collector

The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest originally launched in 1993, the work of a studio called Trilobyte. Company founder Rob Landeros has reacquired the rights to the franchise and is ready to freak you out all over again. The third installment of this macabre game, The Collector, will take its well-known approach to horror puzzles into the modern age, if Landeros meets his goal of $435,000. If you enjoyed the earlier games in this series, this project is definitely worth a look.

Project ends Dec. 8.

7. Dwarven Delve

Dwarven Delve

Adventure games in which your characters carry weapons are a dime a dozen. Dwarven Delve puts a new twist on the usual arsenal by letting players use the map’s layout as a tool. Each level is comprised of rotating sections of tunnel, which you adjust in real time to maneuver your way through the puzzle, gathering treasure and trapping enemies.

Project ends Nov. 29.