8 Ways Confident People Live Differently

1. They’re more productive.

Confidence = hustle. Research suggests that confident people may be more productive because their can-do thoughts inspire real action. It’s no wonder confident people seem to own the office.

2. Their body language helps boost their confidence.

Studies show that how a person carries him or herself influences how he or she feels on the inside. A tall posture and even stretching can help people feel a surge of power — and confident people take advantage of those little adjustments.

3. They aren’t self-assured all the time.

All people have their flaws, even people with the “it factor.” The difference lies in recognizing those insecurities and carrying on with life despite them. Research shows self-acceptance is paramount to a happier life, but it’s a habit many people rarely practice. Confident people aren’t superhuman — they just accept their imperfections wholeheartedly and live a happy life regardless.

4. They actively pursue success.

“No” is simply not in a confident person’s vocabulary, at least when it comes to success. Confidence is crucial when pursing a career, according to a study published in the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology. The research found that more likely someone is able to picture themselves achieving their goal, the more likely they’re going to be able to do it, Fast Company reported.

5. They channel their inner celebrity.

A confident person’s mantra is “I am Beyonce.” OK, maybe that’s just this author’s, but regardless, there’s power in celebrity. Research published in the journal Personal Relationships found that when people wrote down qualities they shared with their favorite celebrities of the same gender, they felt much more compelled to become their best selves.

6. They stick to their convictions.

Confident people place trust in their own opinions — but not without listening to others, of course. As confidence coach Susie Moore explained in a HuffPost blog, confident people hear all sides of an argument, but ultimately, they stick to what they feel is best.

“Other people are well meaning and sometimes err on the side of caution,” she wrote. “Confident people listen to other people but do not let their difference of perspective take them off track.”

7. They don’t fear failure.

All people have their setbacks. Confidence isn’t doing everything right, it’s pushing on even after being wrong. And sometimes that can pay off in more than just confidence: Research suggests that people who appear more self-assured are also seem more intelligent.

8. They’re not afraid of being confident.

Confident individuals don’t shy away from asserting themselves, whether they’re actually feeling comfortable or just faking it until they make it.