A One-Hour of Workout or Mini Workouts Spread Throughout the Day? Which One Is the Best Option for You?

Most people think that they can only get the best of exercise if they exercise for more than an hour or more. Can it get boring, right? Well, most of us have been team long workouts for the longest time. But is it sustainable? What about those days when you are racing against time!

On those busy days, can you include a 15 minute or 20 minutes and be done with your workouts for the day? Spending more time in the gym isn’t healthy, but investing in optimal hours is the key to good health. So, let’s get that straight, longer workouts aren’t necessarily better. So, how can shorter workouts trump longer workouts? Here are more reasons why you should vote in favor of shorter workouts than longer workouts.

No More Excuses

When you think that there is an hour or more workout ahead of you, you are much more likely to skip it, especially when you are busy. Somedays, you have a million things to do, you don’t have time to complete workouts. But when you have short and intense workouts to do, you do not have that excuse any longer because everyone has at least 12 minutes or more a day to workout.

We waste a lot of time on useless things like watching TV or playing a game, when we can instead build health. Here is where HIIT workouts come in. HIIT workouts are short but intense workouts that give you your money’s worth!

Prevents Binge Eating

When you work out for long hours, you may have an enormous appetite to make up for the energy lost during your workout. It will also make you feel that you deserve to eat more and impair your weight loss goals. People work out every day, and then throw it all down by drinking something calorie-dense, a pastry, or a fizzy drink.

This treating yourself can lead to weight gain in the long run. But HIIT or short bouts of workouts get over in minutes. And you don’t feel like replenishing yourself immediately. Recently, Science has supported the theory that HIIT suppresses your appetite and steady-state cardio increases your appetite.

Boosts Metabolism

Research suggests that working out for an hour a day undoes all the good work you did in that hour of workout. The concept of 10,000 steps comes from the fact that you may not cross your 10,000 steps all at once. Instead, you need to keep adding your steps as the day progresses. For every half an hour you sit, you need to add some workout forms or movement to your schedule. Maybe it’s just a ten minutes walk after your meals.

If you manage to include ten minutes of workout after all your major meals, you manage to fulfill thirty minutes of workout. Do it six times, and voila, you have your one hour of walking done and dusted. Same with workouts, divide your day and each time do, push-ups, squats, or jumping jacks. Pick your exercise and do it one at a time. Not only will this rev your metabolism, but it is way more effective than your one-hour workout and sedentary -for-the-rest-of-the-day thing.

Instant Results

If you are prepping for a marathon, you can boost your stamina by doing mini-workouts throughout the day. It not only helps you prepare for the big marathon ahead but also taxes you a lot less. So, the lesser you strain yourself lesser the chances of injury. HIIT or Tabata training also tests your endurance to a great extent. You give your maximum to the amount of time you spend exercising. There is no slackness, and you go all out.

If you are like us and hate spending hours walking the treadmill or crushing your endless bicep curls, it is time to change your perspective. Kill your workouts in fifteen minutes and then repeat it several times a day.

However, make it a point to talk to your personal trainer or a fitness expert before hopping onto this bandwagon. That way, you can be sure that your weight loss and fitness goals are right for your body. And once you try it, don’t forget to tell us how you feel, in the comments section. We would love to hear all about it!