Adrian Higham partner, relationship, and about his antique business

Uday Higham, often known as Adrian Higham, is an antique merchant and retailer from England. Following his recent announcement to appear on BBC’s The Bidding Room, the British dealer has become a media celebrity. Adrian has amassed a sizable fan base that wants to know about his relationship. So who is Adrian Higham partner? Would they married or still dating? Learn more about his partner, wife, and net worth in the sections below.

Adrian Higham partner and their relationship details

When it comes to his personal life, Adrian Higham partner/girlfriend is Tara Franklin. Tara and Adrian both work in the antique industry and own the same company.

Adrian Higham is happily married to Tara Franklin, his long-term companion. Higham has a foundation in the Pays de la Loire where he and his partner Tara Franklin, the producer of the Penshurst Vintage & Antiques Fair, source damaged leather seats.

Massive wooden shutters, ad posters, mirrors, bicycles, toy cars, sculptures, and French lettering, as heard regularly on the show with Bidding Room vendors teasing him about it.

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What is the total earning and worth of an antique businessman?

Higham is an English reality television star who is most known for his role in the BBC show The Bidding Room. Adrian Higham, on the other hand, has a multi-million dollar net worth. Dealing with antique items earns him a lot of money. Talking his near ways net worth is about $4 million including his business.

Adrian Higham has worked in the industry for over 30 years. At the age of 21, he began his dealing business by selling his motorcycle. He made ten times the amount he paid for the bike when he sold it. That was a foreshadowing of what he aspired to be in the future.

Higham, after all, is the owner of an antique shop. Mechanical engines, such as cars, motorcycles, and steam engines, are sold by the dealer.

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About Adrian Higham antique business

The BBC presenter owns Hoof Brocante, an antique shop on Romney Marshes, which lies between Kent and East Sussex.

He has a long number of clientele around the United Kingdom, and he sells a variety of products including furniture, fabrics, and mechanical gadgets. Adi, in reality, is a huge fan of automobiles, motorcycles, steam engines, and toys.

Adrian highlighted some of his customers’ desires in an interview with Antiques Trade Gazette. “I have people who tell me that the leather chairs need more rips and that the antique and vintage mirrors that are marked and scuffed aren’t worn enough,” he said.

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A successful career as a TV personality

Adrian has worked in this industry for more than 30 years. He began his business by selling his motorcycle when he was 21 years old. When he sold his bike, he made a 10X profit. That only served as a hint as to what he intended to accomplish in the future.

Adrian Higham is now the proud proprietor of his own antique shop. Electric motors, such as motorcycles, motorbikes, and diesel engines, are available from this manufacturer. Adrian made his first appearance on television in “The Bidding Room.” The reality show returns for a second season after a successful pilot season in 2020.

Adi, as he is affectionately known, adores anything with a heartfelt tale, and he is especially fond of toys and teddies. Antique Dealer also has a penchant for motor racing, having raced his 1975 Scimitar GT in Le Mans and is a member of a Vintage rally team.

He’s always making jokes about large wooden shutters, promotional signs, mirrors, bikes, toy cars, paintings, and French lettering on the Bidding Room merchants’ program.

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A short bio about Higham: Who is his family member? What is his education?

Higham, a well-known British art trader, was born in the United Kingdom in 1969 (at the age of 51). As a result, he is a British national by birth.

He was born in the United Kingdom to British parents. However, the specifics of his family history are being investigated. Details regarding his family members, including his mother, have yet to be published.

Adrian Higham received good grades at the end of their high school education. Higham then completed a bachelor’s degree Bachelor at a State institution in the United States.

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Quick facts Adrian Higham

Full Real Name

Adi Higham aka Adrian Higham

Birthday 1961
Age (as of 2021) 51 years
Place of Birth the United Kingdom
Profession art dealer
Net worth $4 million
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Spouse/Girlfriend Tara Franklin
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents N/A
School/College State institution
Height 1.61 m
Weight 201 lbs.