Affordable Fashion Brands That Are Loved By Celebrities

Looking at celebrities getting featured across magazines and glossy pages, anybody would assume that they have no less than a multi-million dollar budget in fashion. It would be a lie to say they don’t! However, they always turn a spendthrift for basics like jeans, tops, and such. Whether it’s Reese Witherspoon or Selena Gomez, fashion steals for them are irresistible too. And who doesn’t love a bargain? It’s akin to a ‘personal victory’ if you lay your hands on an amazing purchase at a rate to die for. So do what celebs love to wear on an otherwise regular day or a non-red carpet day? Here’s taking a look at a few such coveted items.


Karla Welch sported an ordinary look from Hanes, the everyday wear company. And strangely enough, that tee became versatile to wear in the market. From Bella Hadid to even Hailey Baldwin, almost everyone was in love with the Hanes x Karla line. This is such a basic brand that any ‘it’ girl would prefer to have in her closet. And the fact it’s an affordable fashion brand, celebs love to buy and hoard more of these.


Heading to the gym, but confused about what to sport? Here’s the perfect friendly clothing brand that gym enthusiasts, including celebs, have been turning to. If not for absolute gym purposes, but definitely for Insta selfies!

Check out Katina Elle and Sienna Miller’s posts, and you will see the growing popularity of this brand. But what might take you by surprise is that the high-quality clothes are priced reasonably. If you can afford something around the $100 mark, then head to Gymshark without delay.


Celebs who love making a statement or simply securing more brownie points for their Instagram profiles would take an instant liking to the Australia-based brand- I.Am.Gia. In recent years, anyone who wishes to have these glitzy, shiny statement pieces can look for the company’s products.

The striking lines and wild prints infused in the designs impart a sophisticated look to the items. As of now, it’s feasible for a fashion brand that’s striking the right chords with several celebs too.

Tripp NYC

One of Hollywood’s real favorites of all time in the celebrity fraternity is Tripp NYC. From fans like Marilyn Monroe, the company has gradually made inroads into the larger world. Thereby, the brand has boosted its stardom over the years. The A-listers comprising males and females are more comfortable slipping into this line and hence constitute a fashion brand that one can slip into whenever they wish to. Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Christina Milian were avid fans of statements pieces back in the previous years. Now that times have changed remarkably, new ones like Adam Levine, Beyonce, and Zayn Malik are notable examples who have become fans of this clothing.

Dr. Martens

This name was an ‘obvious choice’ in this list. And that is because it’s been there for ages. A Hollywood staple since punk rock was a popular and widely accepted genre, at least for mainstream audiences – Dr. Martens has been unstoppable.

We have heard the pieces in Iggy Pop and Kurt Cobain collection. In other words, if you happen to have a pulse and follow Hollywood religiously, then a pair of Martens should be a territory you know and love. Just in case you didn’t know their domination over the world, Spice Girls love their songs.

Forever 21

It’s rare to find anyone who has thronged the clothing market who hasn’t possibly heard of the ‘ubiquitous or affordable’ brand called Forever 21. That’s like one huge store you’ll find in every single mall throughout the country, and that too with items priced under $30!

Even if you wouldn’t like to believe this, many celebrities who also look for quality staples have zeroed in on the brand to fill up their wardrobes. For example, Gabrielle Union and also reputed models prefer to have a reasonably rated brand. And no, they are not to be blamed for this!

Resorting to high-end clothing and not some cheap ones is just a myth for celebs. Maybe you should be on the lookout for decently priced, common person’s brands that even they can’t do without. That way, you can look as stylish as your favorite celebrity without burning a hole in your pocket.