All about an American child voice artist Jordan Nagai bio

Jordan Nagai an American voice child actor best known for his performance as Russell in the animated film Up. In the Disney Pixar picture Up, he played the charming Russell, who was played by Edward Asner. In the Simpsons episode “O Brother, Where is Bart Thou?” from 2009, he played the voice of Charlie. You might be shocked to see the child actor’s career history at an early age. Scroll down to know about Jordan Nagai bio, parents, how he started his film career at an early age, how he has spent his early life?

Jordan Nagai bio: Who are Nagai parents? His childhood and education

According to Jordan Nagai bio, Jordan Nagai’s mother’s identity is currently unknown, while his father’s name being investigated. Jordan Nagai’s parents are unknown. What are his parents’ occupations? Jordan, who appears to be highly reclusive by nature, remains concealed from the public view. He appears to have a lot of talent because he does strong acting performances and is also a fantastic voice artist. He is a member of the Class of 2021 at Washington University in St. Louis. His educational background has not been revealed, but he appears to have been educated through his abilities. Jordan has only revealed information about Hunter, his older brother.

Jordan Nagai and Hunter Nagai have been studying judo since they were five years old, and Jordan earned his black belt in 2017 at the age of seventeen. They’ve both wanted to be actors since they were little. Their parents are ecstatic by their accomplishments, but for the time being, both of them are concentrating on their studies. Mrs. Nagai and Ms. Nagai were adamant about it. They believe they are too young for their profession, and that celebrity will corrupt their children. As a result, they must first complete their education before returning to the limelight.

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How did Nagai start his career at an early age?

The tryouts drew over 400 children, but JordanNagai stood out because he wouldn’t stop talking the entire time. Nonetheless, he was shy at times, and the Doctor struggled to convince him to recite all of his lines. Nagai’s character is the first Asian American to appear in a Pixar film.

“As soon as Jordan’s voice came on, His fans smiled because he is charming, innocent, and different from what I was initially thinking,” director Pete Docter stated.

He also played Charlie, an orphan who befriends Bart in his search for a baby brother, in a wonderful episode of “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” On December 13, 2009, the show was broadcasted all over the world and became more popular. Nagai has been tight-lipped regarding his business and personal life since he appears to avoid disclosing personal information in public.

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Who is Jordan Nagai girlfriend? Is he in a relationship?

Jordan is currently unmarried. He is not in a relationship. Nagai is now too young to be in a relationship. He surely enjoys his love life after getting success in his career. Jordan appears to be reluctant about discussing his personal life with others, yet he is now single. We will let you know if any status about his marriage or dating is revealed on the site.

 Jordan Nagai is concerned that becoming involved in a romance may affect his potential career and lead him down the wrong path. There are numerous examples of young artists who were involved in romances as children and were thus sidetracked from their careers. Fame is fraught with dangers. This is why Jordan believes that it is best for him to not pursue this career until he is older. Nagai hopes that he grow enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

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Jordan Nagai biography

According to Jordan Nagai bio, he was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America on February 5, 2000. Jordan parents have yet to be revealed because he is a naturally reclusive person who does not want to reveal anything about his family. Jordan was a student at Washington University in St. Louis when he was younger. His educational background is not revealed, yet he appears to have been educated by his abilities. He began judo at the age of five and earned his Black Belt at the age of seventeen in 2017. Jordan has also kept his physical measurements a secret from the public.

Hunter Nagai is his older brother. They’ve both wanted to be actors since they were little. Their parents are ecstatic about their accomplishments, but for the time being, both of them are concentrating on their studies. Jordan Nagai was born under the sign of Pisces. Pisces, according to astrology, is a very welcoming sign and believed to be a very great sign, therefore they frequently find themselves in the company of people who are extremely different from them.

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How much is an American actor Nagai net worth?

Jordan Nagai’s riches derive from his work as a voice actor. Jordan Nagai won the Breakout Performance Award in 2010 and touched the hearts of all his fans. He only got two possibilities in the movie industry because he was so young. In the episode “O Brother, Where is Bart Thou?” he was the voice of Russell and Charlie. His net worth following these performances is unclear, as his parents choose to keep such details confidential.

If we look at his career it seems he is building his career too fast. As of now, actor Nagai net worth is not disclosed but we can estimate his net worth according to his career and performance. The 21 years actor net worth is estimated to be $50000.

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Jordan Nagai has won several awards and achievements

At the 4th East-West Players 44th Anniversary Visionary Awards and Silent Auction, Jordan Nagai received the Breakout Performance Award. Up received an award from the same organization for supporting an Asian American lead. Jordan Nagai was awarded the Breakout Performance Award in 2010. He has won honors for his abilities and talent since he was a child.

The film UP warmly welcomed by the public, winning two Academy Awards, Best Original Score, and Best Animated Feature Film at the 67th Golden Globe Awards, as well as eight nominations and two Annie Awards. Rotten Tomatoes awarded Up the Golden Tomato for the best-reviewed animated picture to Jordan Nagai.

Quick facts about Nagai

Full Real Name Jordan NAgai
Birthday February 5, 2000
Age (as of 2021) 21 years old
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California,USA
Profession Actor
Net worth Unknown
Nationality unknown
Ethnicity unknown
Spouse/Girlfriend Unknown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Parents Unknown
School/College Washington University, St.Louis
Height unknown
Weight unknown