American actor Joel de la Fuente net worth, wife, nationality, parents

Joel de la Fuente is an American actor. Joel de la Fuente is best known for his work as Dr. Johann Pryce in Hemlock Grove, Kempeitai Chief Inspector Kido in the movie named “The Man in the High Castle” and has an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Technical Assistance Response Unitech Ruben Morales. He has played many different roles in Three Portraits in 2002, Return to Paradise in 1998, and Roommates in 1995. Scroll down to know more about Joel de la Fuente net worth, wife, nationality, parents and more.

Joel de la Fuente net worth: How rich is he? Social media

There are currently no facts available about his pay. His net worth is believe to be $3 million. He hasn’t said anything about his financial situation.

Joel is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has over 6.7 thousand Facebook fans, 26.6K followers on Instagram, and over 13.2K Followers on Twitter.

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Who is Joel de la Fuente wife? When did they first meet?


Joel de la Fuente is a hardworking actor who has played a variety of parts in several professions. He has a love life in addition to his work. Melissa Bowen is Joel de la Fuente wife.

Melissa Bowen and Joel de la Fuente met on the set of Space Above and Beyond. Bowen appeared as a romantic interest in the TV show Space Above and Beyond as a guest star. Both the husband and the wife are attractive, and they complement each other well. Aside from that, the couple has remained tight-lipped about their personal lives.

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Who are actor parents? Wiki, nationality, ethnicity, education

Joel de la Fuente was born in New Hartford, New York, on April 21, 1969. His ethnicity is mixed and his nationality is American (Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian, Portuguese, and Spanish). He was reared in FuenteEvanston, Illinois, while being born in New Hartford. About his parents, there is no updates. Benjamin de la Fuente and Bob de la Fuente are his two siblings. He excelled in both acting and academics.

He graduated from Winnetka North Shore Country Day School in 1987. Joel de la Fuente graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts in 1991. Joel de la Fuente obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from the ‘University Graduate Acting Program’ in New York in 1994.

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How did he start his acting career? Is he successful in his life?


Because Joel de la Fuente is a dedicated actor. He has paid a lot of homage to Hollywood films. On Law, he began his profession as Ruben Morales, a Crime Scene Technician.

He has also appeared in a number of television series. Due South, High Incident in 1996, Space: Above and Beyond in 1996, When the Cradle Falls in 1997, Brave New World in 1998, 100 Centre Street in 2001, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit between 2002 and 2011, All My Children in 2007, Canterbury’s Law in 2008, Hemlock Grove in 2013, Limitless in 2016, and Madam Secretary in 2017.

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Roommates was release in 1995, Personal Velocity: Three Portraits was publish in 2002, The Happening was declare in 2008, Taking Chance was release in 2009, Forgetting the Girl was release in 2010, Brief Reunion was declare in 2011, and Julia was release in 2014. In addition, he has appeared in video games such as “The Warriors” in 2005 and “Homefront” in 2011.