Andrew Conru Bio, Age, Family, Dating Business, Net Worth, Instagram

Andrew Conru


Although many people do not know his name, millions of people owe Andrew Conru a debt of gratitude for his work on WebPersonals, FriendFinder, and other dating sites throughout the 1990s. His work has inspired companies to develop new websites, push the boundaries of online dating, and even create dating sites for specific populations. If you’ve ever tried looking for local personals or used a website for dating for seniors, it was all possible because of Conru’s work.

It all started when he was born in Indiana in 1968 before attending Stanford for mechanical engineering in 1991. While there, he started developing websites, leading to the 1994 dating site WebPersonals. Since then, he has become the CEO of FriendFinder Networks Inc. and continues to use dating sites regularly. Currently, he is single. 


Andrew Conru was born on February 3, 1968, making him 53 years old in 2021. 


The private family life of Andrew Conru is not well-known. He has not volunteered any information about his parents, siblings, or other family members. He is not married as of 2021. 

Dating Business

Andrew Conru founded FriendFinder Networks Inc. in the 1990s. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013 but later emerged from it with Conru as the CEO. Since then, the company has grown its brand and continues to break into new territories in the online dating game. As previously mentioned, his innovations in the world of dating have completely changed the dynamic for all dating sites. Without his input, the course of dating services may have been completely different or delayed by years. 

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. As CEO of the dating company, he is beholden to the misfortunes facing the brand, but he has managed to make some money amidst the company’s struggles. 


Andrew Conru has shunned many modern apps and still uses an older email service. He does not have a Snapchat or Instagram, preferring to work without getting too much notice for his work. 

Personal Life

The personal life of Andrew Conru has been largely left up to speculation. He has been quite successful in finding dates using the platforms he launched along with the others that have emerged in recent years. He has claimed to have been a part of various interesting liaisons in his time, such as threesomes. However, he admits that his luck with finding a wife has been quite poor as he is still single as of the writing of this article. He says that his job seems incompatible with family life and has shied away from building a family.