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Jeff Younger, a businessman and recent Texas House candidate, visited the University of North Texas, and the scholars’ response has gone viral on the internet. Younger is currently campaigning for the Texas House of Representatives election. He is running for District 63 and hopes to win the election. Jeff may be a well-known businessman and a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, but he has a reputation for being anti-transgender and fascist. Come learn more about Jeff Younger ex-wife, son, Texas house, Wikipedia, and other topics:

Who is Jeff Younger ex wife Anne Georgulas? What is the reason behind their divorce?

Anne Georgulas is Jeff Younger’s ex-wife. When Georgulas and Jeff Younger married in 2010, they were both members of the Orthodox Church. The couple underwent IVF in order to have twins. After a few years, their marriage fell apart. Younger lost custody of their two children. The children are currently living with their mother. Aside from that, he had a falling out with his ex-wife after she permitted her child to be transitioned. Meanwhile, Jeff declined to have his child transitioned.

A Texas father has lost his son’s court battle after a jury found against him in an attempt to prevent the seven-year-old from transitioning to a girl. His ex-wife, he claims, tricked their child into wearing gowns and allegedly taught her that “monsters only eat boys.” Despite the verdict, Jeff Younger will not have sole custody of his children, and Georgulas will be able to allow the seven-year-old to receive hormone replacement medication.

Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas son /transgender girl

After losing custody of his 9-year-old twins, one of whom is a transgender girl, a Dallas-area father is running for the Texas House of Representatives to restrict sex reassignment surgery for youngsters. Luna Younger began asking to wear gowns around the age of three. She had insisted on being a girl since she was five years old. Luna is now seven years old, and at court hearings, physicians, school personnel, and family members have all testified that Luna has consistently and persistently identified as a girl.

Luna’s mother embraces her daughter’s gender identification, allowing her to wear whatever she wants, whether it’s nail paint, clothes, or longer hair, but Luna’s father does not. He is adamant that Luna is not transgender. Because of these different views on how to nurture and treat a child, trans families, advocates, and conservatives have been keenly following the custody struggle over the Coppell, Texas, trans girl. On October 22, after 15 months in court, the jury granted Luna’s mother, Anne Georgulas, complete custody of her daughter.

Jeff Younger biography: Age, Parents, nationality, Education, Wikipedia

He appears to be as private about his personal life as he is about his birthday. The identities of his father and mother are unknown. Jeff is a small company owner and “Texas House Candidate” who is running for the “Texas House of Representatives” election. He served in the United States Army as an Infantryman for a long period prior to his current position. He also served as an Infantry Assaultman in the United States Marine Corps.

Jeff Younger does not have a Wikipedia page. However, there is a wealth of material about her on the internet. Currently, he is employed in oil refineries and pipeline networks.  Despite this, he has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. Regardless, he has recently experienced a lot of backlash for his anti-transgender and fascist views. He also became a topic of discussion on the internet.

Students at the University of North Texas shouted out anti-trans Texas House candidate Jeff Younger.

Protesters shouted down a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives who is campaigning against gender-affirming therapies for youngsters while speaking at a conservative college organization event on Wednesday. Demonstrators are shown smashing on desks and yelling “fascist” while Republican candidate Jeff Younger mockingly claps and misgenders protesters in social media videos.

“The police believe a small group of protestors not affiliated with the university contributed to escalating the overall protest from peaceful to an aggressive encounter,” University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk said in a written statement on Thursday.

Anti Transgender & Fascist Jeff Younger: UNT Student Reaction On social media

Jeff may be a well-known businessman and a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, but he has a reputation for being anti-transgender and fascist. He also recently paid a visit at the University of North Texas, where the students did not appear to greet him. Furthermore, the student response video has gone viral on Reddit and other social media platforms.

People have recently begun sharing videos and tweeting them on the internet. The reaction of UNT students and Jeff’s position has flooded the internet.