Apple Sold 150 Million iPhones, 71 Million iPads in 2013

Apple had a profitable fiscal 2013, selling 150 million iPhones, 71 million iPads and 16 million Macs, CEO Tim Cook said during a call with analysts on Monday.

The products helped Apple post $171 billion in revenues and earn a profit of $37 billion. Those results were aided by $16 billion in revenues from iTunes and an average of $50 million in revenues per Apple store.

In addition to earning money, Apple was busy giving some back to shareholders in fiscal 2013. The company returned $36 billion to investors over the past five quarters, Cook said, and plans to give back a total of $100 billion.

Another expense was other companies. Apple made 15 strategic acquisitions over the period, an average of one every three to four weeks. Apple reported a total of $8 billion in capital expenditures over the period.

Apple sold 58.3 million iPads and 125 million iPhones in fiscal 2012. The $171 billion in revenues compares to $156.6 billion in revenues in fiscal 2012 and earnings of $41.66 billion, meaning Apple sold more overall, but retained less.