How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions

New to clip-in hair extensions? Wondering where to start? Or are you just looking to switch it up a bit and see how other ladies are doing it? Because we all get curious, right?

Here, we’ll talk you through how to get started with clip-in hair extensions. From sectioning and teasing to stacking and placing your wefts, we’ve got you covered.

To start off, you’ll need to get all your equipment together.

You’ll need:

– Your clip-in hair extensions (won’t get far without those!)
– A comb with a long, thin tail for sectioning
– Some clips or bobbles for securing your sections
– Hairspray
– A backcombing/teasing brush or fine tooth comb
– Two mirrors, positioned so that you can see the back the of your head

Once you’ve got your equipment together, you’re ready to start separating your hair into sections.


It’s easiest to start at the bottom and work your way up towards the top of your head so the first section you’ll need to create will be at the nape of your neck. This is where your expertly positioned mirrors come in handy.

Starting about an inch above where the hair finishes at the neck, “draw” a line across the back of your head by running your tail comb from the bottom of one ear to the other, scooping up the hair above the line as you go and securing it on top of your head with a clip or bobble. The hair that is left below is your first section.


Now it’s time to tease. If you have quite thick, coarse or curly hair you might be able to skip this step but if you have any other hair type this part is pretty important as it helps gives the clips something to grip to and stops them slipping during the day.

To tease your first section, simply hold the hair in one hand, place your comb or teasing brush about an inch or two from the root and comb towards the scalp a few times. Do this all along the section you have created and then spray with a little hairspray.

Stacking your wefts

When trying to get as much volume as possible, it can be tempting to keep adding wefts higher and higher up the head. But this runs the risk of leaving you with not enough hair left on top to cover the topmost wefts.

If you have this problem, stacking your wefts will make life so much easier. To “stack your wefts” basically means to clip two wefts together and apply them as you would a single weft.

To do this, simply take two wefts that are the same width and clip one to the other. This gives you the thickness of two wefts whilst taking up the scalp space of just one.

What’s that you say? Witchcraft?! No, no, just a handy little tip. No need to break out the flaming torches and pitchforks.

Clipping your wefts in

Take your first weft (or stacked weft if you’ve practiced the witchcraft above) and simply clip it into the teased roots of your first section.

Yep, it’s that easy.

And repeat

You just need to keep repeating this process, creating sections about an inch or two apart, until you reach the point just below your temples. Here, you can let down your top section and style how ever you like!

How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions