Are You a Busy Nurse? These Fitness Tips Can Help You Stay in Good Shape

For busy nurses, putting on weight seems to be a much simpler task than shedding off those extra pounds. If you are a nurse yourself, you already know what we are talking about. As you continue working around the clock, it’s pretty normal for you to skip meals and take a bite of a high-calorie snack. On top of that, you might have made it a habit to gulp a soda to wash it down. You leave your workplace after those exhausting working hours and often dine out or gorge on some snacks while watching your favorite shows on television. If that sounds a lot like your workday, here are some effective tips that you can follow in order to lose weight.

Impromptu Workouts

It’s always a hectic schedule for nurses like you. But, nothing can be better than sneaking out for some quick exercises. You can also do a few chair crunches at lunch break by placing yourself on the edge of a chair.

Bring your knees to your chest, lower them slowly, and then repeat the entire process as many times as you can. You can also make use of a pair of dumbbells in order to perform a few lunges or arm curls while you take a break of five minutes or so.

Have a Discussion With Your Employer

You need to take your employer in confidence and let them know about the opportunities that are available at the workplace. There are certain hospitals that encourage their employees to go on a weight-loss spree. These hospitals offer Weight Watchers memberships on discount along with the on-site meetings that take place every week.

The cafeteria is overhauled to accommodate healthier options. Aside from that, nurses working at these health centers can lay their hands on farm-fresh produce and go through exercise classes that are available inside the campus absolutely free of cost.

Make A Plan Much Before Time

A weight loss program doesn’t produce instant results. It actually requires a lot of planning that you need to make much before time. It becomes imperative to avoid pitfalls. Hence, planning your meals and the workout sessions properly becomes the key.

Incorporating low-fat, healthy meals and snacks in your diet will go a long way in preventing those extra pounds from coming back. You need to take an account of all the unexpected changes that might take place in your daily time table such as going out with friends or hanging out with your colleagues for dinner.

Stay Hydrated But Eat Your Calories

Having a glass of water before your meal would lower your appetite and help you cut down on calories. There are several websites that offer the same advice. You can just carry a bottle of water along with you to your workplace and take a sip whenever the opportunity arrives.

However, it is important to ensure that you eat your calories instead of drinking them. Beverages contain more calories than you can expect and the sugary ones, such as those sports drinks, sodas, and juices as well contain at around 150 calories per can. This means, gulping down two cans a day would add on 300 calories, which is equivalent to gorging on an extra sandwich in a day. Quenching thirst with water or, as a matter of fact, a low-calorie or a zero-calorie drink is always better. A few websites on the internet would provide a detailed picture of this.

Avoid Processed Foods

Nurses are advised to opt for whole, healthy, and unprocessed foods when they visit a grocery store. Avoiding food with trans-fats as well as other unhealthy components is mandatory if you aim for a weight loss.

Replace these items with whole grains, whole vegetables and fruits, and fresh and lean meats. Refrain from consuming food items that feature a long list of ingredients as they’re not a very healthy choice of food.

You can follow these basic tips if you wish to shed those extra pounds. You can actually take out some time from your daily chores and perform the simple exercises listed above. In addition to that, try to abide by the key steps will surely do a lot of good.