Are You Making These Lunch Mistakes And Drifting Away From Your Your Weight Loss Goals?

Are you bombarded with innumerable weight loss suggestions? Has it ever occurred to you how losing weight effectively means checking on all possible ways and means to boost the process? Basically, weight loss is more about avoiding ill eating behaviors than merely adopting healthy practices. For lunch, we commit a plethora of mistakes deliberately and sometimes not realizing how detrimental they can be in slowing down the success rate. Thankfully, there are some quick-fix solutions, apart from the healthy tips that would work wonders when shedding off the stubborn fat. Here are a few.

Forsaking Lunch

It’s understandable that you’re quite too busy. But that in no way indicates you have the liberty to forego your lunch. The longer the gap between two successive meals, the greater the chances of sugar level drops are. Our brain needs a constant supply of sugar that would regulate bodily activities. Cutting down on lunch implies increasing chances of headaches, brain fog, irritability, and definitely lower work productivity.

Besides, you will feel like snacking more often; even when you control that, your hunger pangs might cause you to consume more than normal during dinner time. And naturally, under these circumstances, you’ll feel like taking in more unhealthy foods. We know it’s difficult at times during work, but check to see you pack your lunch and squeeze out some time to balance the calorie intake by doing the needful.

Distractions While Eating Is A No-No

There are days when you somehow finish your lunch while responding to emails or reviewing documents and spreadsheets. You might feel you’ve done a great job staying productive and multitasking, but realistically speaking, your ‘impending’ weight-loss strategy has taken a turn for the worse.

Going by one of the studies conducted in 2019, it has been seen that distractions while eating lunch means chances of overeating are more. In fact, 15% of more calorie intake occurs when we’re over the phone or looking at the screen, browsing, texting, or simply reading. You must recognize the need to cut down distractions and focus more on the nutritional value of the food you’ll have.

Overdoing Does Serious Harm

Much like earlier, skipping one meal means the ill effects usually fall upon the next meal. That’s precisely what happens when you do the same for breakfast – skipping it and simply forgetting about it. After so many hours have passed from your previous day’s last meal, your body tends to overeat when the fasting period needs to be broken.

If you’re practicing intermittent weight loss, even then the period must be checked well, or else you’ll overdo it at lunch. Your body hormones for hunger and appetite will naturally revolt if you keep them dry for so long! So what if you don’t have an appetite early in the morning, it’s recommended you balance carbs, proteins (lean), healthy fats, and so on.

Having Food Low In Proteins And Fiber

That’s plain unforgivable! A smart move for anyone trying to lose weight is by including fibers and proteins religiously in the diet. Adequate proteins imply complete satiety hormones, going by the 2015 paper published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Your lean muscle mass is maintained, as you keep losing weight.

Also consuming fibers means your weight loss goals are going in the right direction. Stick to healthier options from the market like tofu, beans, fishes, chicken breast, and complement them with legumes, whole grains, and fiber laden veggies.

Learn To Plan Well Ahead

Decision making is a skill, in every sphere of life, including food consumption. Don’t wait till the lunch hour to decide what you’ll have, for your cheat plans will suddenly get active out of hunger pangs! The easiest and tastiest options are not necessarily the best from the nutritional point of value. The Journal of Market Research revealed how vital it is to plan your diet chart, or bringing lunch from home, or simply preordering that salad. What you can try doing is pack your lunch or get things ready just the night before and you can follow suit the next day.

Lunch is the second most important meal of the day after breakfast. If you can follow a schedule and avoid the lunch mistakes mentioned above, you can reach closer to your weight loss goals.