Ariel Winter Finally Reveals Real Cause Behind Dramatic Weight Loss and It’s Not What You’re Thinking

When audiences first met Ariel Winter, she was just a cute and talented little kid on the hit American television show, Modern Family. Since then, she’s grown into a lovely young woman right in front of the public’s eye.

Unfortunately, the attention made people fixate on the 21-year-old actress’ physical appearance more than her acting chops. Just recently, Winter had to address criticism thrown at her for losing a huge amount of weight, again.

A Change in Medication

The actress has noticeably lost a ton of weight in a short period of time which got fans and critics worried

Getting fed up with the negative rumors being spread about her, Winter has finally decided to reveal the reason behind the sudden change in her formerly curvy physique.

The first thing she clarified is that she didn’t lose weight just because she wanted to be thinner. In fact, her initial weight loss was actually an unintentional (though welcomed) effect of her transition to a new antidepressant medication.

The actress, as she revealed in an Instagram story, has been taking the same antidepressants, which made it difficult for her to get in shape, for years. In an attempt to finally take control of her body and health, she said it was finally time to go off that medication and look for a better one.

This made all the difference according to Winter. Immediately after weaning herself off her old meds, she instantly saw better results. Finally, her hard work at the gym was paying off and she was losing the pounds she couldn’t lose before. What more, she said she also noticed her fast metabolism return.

Conforming to Hollywood Standards?

Some netizens have attributed Winter’s new look to plastic surgery

The actress was initially mums when the rumor mill started moving but decided to set things straight after reading comments on her Instagram posts accusing her of awful things.

Under a recent photo of Winter at a friend’s party, one commenter lamented about the actress losing her curves and said that she looked better before. Another assumed that Winter’s weight loss was an attempt on her part to conform to Hollywood’s beauty standards.

But what really caught the star’s attention is a comment that accused her of getting plastic surgery. The commenter shamed the young actress for allegedly ‘chopping up her body’ to look better.

Clapping Back at Critics

One of Winter’s rants on Twitter after being criticized for her weight and style

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Winter has had to justify the way she looks to critics.

Back in 2017, the then-19-year-old actress was body-shamed for wearing shorts that were ‘too small’ for her figure. She clapped back with a Twitter rant telling naysayers to let her wear whatever she wants to wear. Winter also justified her choice of skimpy clothing saying it was summer and people shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Other instances of people calling out Winter for her fashion choices include the time when she wore a rather revealing gold dress to an event she attended with her Modern Family co-stars.