Back Pain? Reasons Why You Should Consider Implants for Spinal Stabilization


Back pain is one of the most common ailments amongst people. Few people stay strict on their back exercises to try to prevent chronic back pain, but even if you are regular with them, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be completely free from chronic back pain. People are regularly forced to miss work and miss out on important life events because they’re simply in too much pain with their backs to go. Before the only way to treat this pain was through harsh medications, but now there’s a new procedure that might could help you. Through this article, we’ll tell you all about what spinal implants are and how they could help ease your back pain.

What do implants do for spinal stabilization?

Spinal implants can do a number of things to help with your spinal fusion procedure. For instance, spinal implants can help to facilitate two vertebrae’s fusion, help to strengthen your spine, improve spinal stability, and correct potential deformities in the spine. These implants help to hold your vertebrae where it needs to be during the healing process after your spinal fusion surgery. With implants, you can potentially see reduced pain, less of a need for medication, an improvement in your productivity, and a cost-effective bonus due to needing less medications.

Why might you need implants for spinal stabilization?

Implants can help with spinal fusion surgeries for a variety of conditions, such as spinal arthritis, a broken vertebrae, scoliosis, spinal deformities, and a wide variety of other conditions. There are two major types of spinal implants: fusion and non-fusion. Fusion implants are those used to assist with spinal fusions while the others consist of disks and expandable rods that are implanted into the spine. Rods are more frequently used in children to compensate for growth. There are even implants that can introduce frequency signals to your spine, helping to ease back pain. Research shows that the higher the frequency signal, the higher its success rate.

Is there a risk to spinal implants?

As with any surgery (especially those that have to do with the spine), there is some level of risk involved with this procedure. The benefits, however, greatly outweigh the risks. That being said, this procedure should never be taken lightly. If you are considering having this procedure, you should first consult with your chiropractor or regular physician and hear all there is to know about the procedure before deciding to commit to the surgery. If you need more information on this procedure or other back surgeries that could be beneficial, check out for more information.

Back pain is commonly suffered amongst adults and very few are spared from this painful right of passage. There are a few things to minimize the ultimate level of chronic pain with which you have to deal but, once it’s started, it’s virtually impossible to stop feeling at least some level of chronic back pain. Previously, the only methods available for treating chronic back pain was a combination of physical therapy and pain medications which, at best, merely minimized the effects. Relying on these methods is not only not guaranteed, but also time consuming; plus, these medications can cause you to be inebriated while you’re on them, making it challenging to function as you normally would.