5 Things To Consider While Setting Up Backyard Aviaries


It is lovely to have pet birds in your backyard. Starting your day listening to the sweet chirping of birds cannot be described in words. As much as you like to have sparrows and parrots as your pets pals, you need to ensure they are safe in your backyard. Therefore, many bird enthusiasts set up Steel Chief bird aviaries in their yard to keep their birds safe and have ample space to move around. 

However, many people struggle with finding an appropriate place for setting up backyard aviaries. If you want bird aviaries, here are five things you need to consider while setting up aviaries in your backyard.

1. Permissions from the local authorities

It is great to have exotic birds in your aviaries. But before you bring home any, make sure you have permission from local authorities. Many homeowner associations, local municipalities, and other authorities have specific guidelines and permits that you need to follow before getting exotic birds in your backyard aviaries. Therefore, check with the local authorities regarding rules and check which birds come under the exotic bird categories. 

2. Climate

Your local climate is one of the significant factors you need to look out for before keeping any bird. Climatic conditions determine which type of birds in your aviaries can survive or not. Many exotic birds require specific habitats for their natural and healthy growth. Budgerigar, Rainbow Lorikeet, Cockatiel are some species that are best suited for the Australian climate. 

It is also crucial to understand whether the aviaries are made to withstand different climate conditions. Extreme heat, dust, rain can easily damage and rust the aviaries made with substandard materials. That is why many bird owners prefer bird aviaries made with premium galvanized metal wires and mesh to ensure the highest durability against different weather conditions.

3. Customization

Your backyard is where you hang out and seek peace of mind. That is why the aviaries must include your backyard’s overall theme or visual aesthetics. You can do a paint job and choose the color that goes best with the style of your backyard. 

You can also customize the aviaries with additional features like hooks for hanging bird feeders, water trays, walkways, locks, dividers, etc., to make them more suitable for your pets. 

You can also ask for different paint finishes to make it more visually appealing and durable. Do not forget to ask for a custom shape and size as well. Your aviaries must fit perfectly in the designated space in your yard.

4. Assembly

Remember to check whether the vendor provides free assembly or you need to do it yourself. You might need to follow some instructions if you have to assemble it. If the vendor cannot provide a facility of free assembly, choose portable aviaries that you can quickly make with screws and a cordless drill.

5. Security

You need to make sure your aviaries have essential security provisions. Check whether you can put padlocks on them and secure them from unauthorized access. Predators are also one of the major concerns for the birds. The rodents and other birds often chew through net or mesh and hurt or kill the birds. Therefore, ensure the aviaries have sufficient thickness to their wires, so the rodents cannot chew them.

Bird aviaries are the perfect palace to keep your pet birds safe. Make sure they have free movement in the aviaries so that they do not feel enclosed.