6 Best Bonsai Trees In The World

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Bonsai plants were originated in the Asia and now many people in the world practice the hobby of keeping bonsai plants. However, do you know who possess the maximum varieties of bonsai plants in this world? Well, it is the famous Japanese masters.

I have tried to figure out top six impressive bonsai trees for your account. They are unique in their realism, balance, and beauty. If you want to order bonsai plants online in India, then these are not your pick. These bonsai trees will help you to appreciate the fascinating and ancient art! You must have a look at them.

Bonsai tree at Shunkaen
This remarkable bonsai tree is famous for its extremely high age. People believe that the tree is of 800 years age, which makes it the most expensive one among bonsai trees. The most famed bonsai artist, master Kobayashi is the owner of this supreme tree.

Goshin, ‘Protector of the spirits’
John Y. Naka created this bonsai tree Goshin. He began his training in bonsai in the year 1948. So, it is his hard work that paid off! It is a forest planting that he created. Later in 1984, he donated this ‘Protector of Spirits’ to the National Bonsai Foundation. It is now displayed at the United States National Arboretum.

Shohin tree, a small bonsai
This is actually a gorgeous Rockspray Cotoneaster. This shohin tree gives flowers in the summer season. While in the winter season, it gives small red berries! The height of this bonsai tree is only 9.5 cm i.e. 4 inches and it is planted on a miniature rock. John Pitt, the famous potter has designed the pot. This small bonsai tree in under training for about a decade now.

Pinus Silvestris
This bonsai is remarkably sensible, which is one of the highly valued characteristics of bonsai trees. The foliage pads are dense in Pinus Silvestris. This looks like clouds in the sky! Stefano Frisoni is the owner of this bonsai tree.

Chinese styled trees
This bonsai tree is like a Penjing landscape, which is a popular Chinese landscape. It belongs to Hong Kong’s Man Lung collection. The realistic scenery of this bonsai is Chinese Bird Plums. It is also popular in the collection of Ficus Bonsai plants. This tree, which is designed like a landscape with trees, rocks and miniature figurines, is placed on a thin rectangular pot. The pot is made with marble and gives a unique look to the bonsai tree.

Flowering bonsai
This awesome flowering bonsai is an Azalea species, which is only 14 cm high. In the late spring or early summer, this bonsai gives flowers. The tree blooms very vividly. This bonsai tree is planted in a good-looking Japanese pot. Wolfgang Putz is the owner of this bonsai.

If you are inspired enough to keep bonsai plants in your collection, then get started now. Bonsai plants need bit maintenance and can grow well in the pot. Gift plants to your loved ones for making them encouraged in keeping houseplants. For this, you can easily send bonsai plants online anywhere in the world.