Best Car Hacks: Top Tips For Better Journeys

While modern cars come out with every bit of luxury, our hearts can conceive of; there’s no denying that a few personal touches can turn a great drive into a terrific journey. Whether you’re a traveling salesman or a soccer mom carting the kids from one stop to another, simple car hacks can make all the difference.

Toothpaste for the win

A tube of toothpaste can do anything from buff out minor scratches to defogging your headlights. While it may be a strange addition to a car cleaning routine, it’s both cheap and convenient. Sure, you may need to put in some effort to get all that toothpaste off your ride, but it’s well worth it.

A catch-all for car trash

Take care of trash with a sealable container that acts as a catch-all for all the dirt. Plastic cereal containers are not only spill-proof and great at masking odors, but they are also easy to clean. This eliminates single-use dirt disposal packets and ensures that your ride remains clean. Who knows when you may need to impress a prospective client or romantic interest?

Save time on frosty mornings

Don’t wait to start the defrosting routine just before you have to leave. This can cost unnecessary time as you’ll have to try and scrape your way through layers of ice. Instead, switch the defroster on at least a few minutes before you’re ready to commute. This way, by the time you’re ready, it will be much easier to remove the ice.

The essentials bag

There are a number of items that can go into your essentials bag. For starters, those with allergies will find an EpiPen or antihistamine to be a useful addition. First aid kits, sunscreen, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, and even bottled water and energy bars go a long way.

Ask for a paint sample of your car

The next time your car goes into the body shop for paint retouches, ask them to quote you on a small jar of paint; the size of a nail varnish bottle should do. Color matching is a tough task, and each shop has to make it to order, and if there are any leftovers, it might be worth their while to sell it to you. While this is no replacement for a proper job, it will tide you over on minor scrapes and scratches.

Put old socks to good use

Protect your items such as windscreen wipers from significant damage via direct frost by covering them with an old sock. Also, keep an old, dry sock near the dash to do a quick windscreen wipe if your defogger isn’t working fast enough on the inside. You may also find that the sock will soon become a trusted duster and washcloth too.

Extra chargers for essential electronics

Turn your car into a charging station by having a hub of the most popular chargers readily available. This can be helpful on long road trips or even impromptu meetings that require access to a gadget that’s low on juice. Be warned, a load of cables can quickly turn into a mess. Be sure to also use suitable storage to keep your charging station under control.

The toddler hold-all

Keep the little ones occupied with a toddler lap desk with all their favorite toys within easy reach. Also, remember to keep snacks and water handy for pitstops. A foil-lined lunch bag with an icepack is ideal for keeping snacky items such as fruit and cheese cool. You may also want to permanently keep a bag that has a few changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, lotions, and teething paraphernalia handy.

A trunk organizer

There are trunk organizers in various shapes and sizes that will not only help you deal with clutter but will also ensure the items you need are within easy reach. These trunks help you deal with clutter and get organized. This is particularly handy for those who regularly do sales calls and need to carry stock or paperwork.

Keep it fresh

Regular air fresheners go a long way to keep food smells at bay. Baking soda in a perforated tin is a must-have to combat musty or stuffy interiors. By adding a drop or two of essential oils such as lemon or lavender, those musty odors are replaced by something more pleasant. Not only is this cost-effective, but also a natural and safe way to freshen up your car’s interior.