Best Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be a strenuous task, or it can be fun and full of possibilities, depending on your take and approach. Your kitchen can either be a haven or your worst nightmare. I love being in the kitchen because I love to cook and bake and try new recipes. 

The day you decide to remodel your kitchen, you need to decide which parts you wish to remodel. Do you want new cabinets, replace the tiles, or do you want to redesign the entire kitchen? The possibilities are endless. 

Where to Get Started

Firstly, you need to decide which changes you would like to make to your kitchen, then set a budget for the renovations and a timeline. Here are some things to consider before starting your renovation project:

  1. Do you want an open plan kitchen with a modern design, a closed design with either modern or antique design, or a combination? 
  2. Now you can decide on the type of cabinets you want, e.g., shaker cabinets, tall cabinets, base cabinets with shelves, etc.
  3. Pick the color that will best suit your style and the appliances you wish to add. 
  4. Sit down with a professional contractor and discuss everything, including the more minor things you would like to add, like the type of washers, stove, countertops, and backsplashes you would like to add. With Best Online Cabinets, you get the option of getting a free 3D kitchen design to help you decide on a style.
  5. Let the renovations begin.    

Cabinet Styles

Redesigning your kitchen cabinets can either make or break your kitchen, depending on the style you want and whether it suits the space. You don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen or end up with cabinets that have squeaky doors, chipped paint, or loosely fitted handles, unless you’re going for an old vintage look. 

Here is a list of the top 14 cabinet styles according to the Domino online magazine:

  1. Shaker Cabinets
  2. Tall Cabinets
  3. Base Cabinets
  4. Arched Cabinets
  5. No-hardware Cabinets
  6. Open Upper Cabinets
  7. Distressed Cabinets
  8. Flat-panel Cabinets
  9. Fluted Glass Cabinets
  10. IKEA Cabinets
  11. Textured Cabinets 
  12. DIY Cabinets
  13. Wood Cabinets
  14. Glossy Cabinets

Types of Countertops

Countertops say a lot about a kitchen and probably the most work and require time to replace them. You can replace them with durable, easy to maintain, and cost-efficient alternatives like quartz countertops. Or you can go the expensive route by choosing granites, onyx, soapstone, etc. We recommend you go with whatever your budget allows. 

Striking Backsplashes for Your Kitchen

Backsplashes are probably the least expensive item to redo and are often overlooked. It has a low cost, high visual impact on your kitchen. Here, you can either go with a plain or colorful design, or if you want to save time on cleaning, then go with tiles, or you can go with a trendy modern look with a metal backsplash. 

Our Takeaway

As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen can be a strenuous or fun room to remodel, and it has endless possibilities and choices. Whichever idea you decide to go with, make sure it is something that you will love and make your kitchen feel like the real heart of your home.