8 Things You Need for a Boozy at Home Bar


So, you’ve decided you’re ready to step up your home entertainment by creating your own DIY bar. Great! At-home bars are a fun experience and oftentimes cheaper alternative than going out for drinks.

But, where do you start? Look no further than the list below for all of the bar supplies and boozy basics you could ever need at home.

1. Organize in Style

First things first, you’re going to want a bar cart. Bar carts not only add a convenient means of displaying and organizing your offerings, but add visual appeal to a room and are super trendy right now! If a bar cart won’t work for your space, consider transforming your kitchen counter space into a bar-like atmosphere by adding in a bottle rack or overhead wineglass holder.

2. Ice, Ice Baby

No one wants warm wine! Keep the evening’s selection chilled and at the ready by using a wine bucket; for a sleek and minimalist look, choose a standing, hammered metal style, or channel luxurious vibes with a marble bucket perched on the table.

3. Don’t Get it Twisted

Corkscrews and bottle openers are such an essential that they can fly right under your radar and be forgotten. Be sure to always have one (or two, or three) on hand!

4. Shaken, Not Stirred

Keep the mixed drinks flowing with the perfect shaker set.

5. The Perfect Measurement

Every great cocktail requires great measurements. Make sure yours are always precise by using a jigger.

6. Raise a Glass

Impress your friends by stocking up on all of the proper serving-ware for the drinks they desire! Moscow mule mugs? Check. Pilsner? Check. A coupe glass for Manhattans, a highball glass for gin fizzes, and an Old Fashioned glass for White Russians? Check, check, and check.

7. We’ve Got the Spirit(s)

Now that you have all of the proper tools and glasses, it’s time to put them to good use! Start off with a basic bottle of gin and vodka; quality brands of these spirits can typically be secured at a lower cost than other liquors, plus, they’re the base of many popular drinks. After that, slowly invest in quality bottles of scotch whiskey, bourbon whiskey, tequila, and rum– add in wines, champagne, and assorted beers as you please!

8. Top it Off

Choosing mixers and garnishes are where things really get fun! Stock up on things that can be stored for a while first, like club soda, tonic water, grenadine, and angostura bitters. If you’re planning on having company over, be sure to have lemons, limes, cola, assorted fruit juices, and cocktail olives on hand.

You’re all set! Now all that’s left is learning how to become the perfect bartender. Cheers!