Brazilian Socialist Party member Marcelo Freixo Biografia, wife, children, net worth

Marcelo Ribeiro Freixo is a Brazilian politician and teacher. He is a federal deputy for the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), and was formerly chairman of the Defense of Human Rights and Citizenship Commission in the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly. On 16 June 2021, Freixo left PSOL for PSB, in preparation for the 2022 Rio de Janeiro gubernatorial election. He is a happily married man and father of two children. Come down to know more about Marcelo Freixo Biografia, wife, children, net worth, and many more:

Marcelo Freixo Biografia: Idade, Parents, Nationality, Ethnicity, family

On April 12, 1967, he was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to Marcelo Freixo Biografia, he is a lovely man who is currently 55 years old. He is the son of Aroudo Ribeiro Freixo, a school inspector, and Alenice Ribeiro Freixo, a secretary. The birthplace of Marcelo Freixo is So Gonçalo. He was reared in the Fonseca area in the Niterói district. He is a citizen of Brazil.

He enrolled in the Economics course but ultimately decided to switch, earning his history degree from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). Marcelo Freixo, who has been a member of the Workers’ Party since 1986, stood for councillor in Niterói for the PT ten years after joining the party. Despite receiving 1,699 valid votes, he was not elected and continued to serve as an alternative.

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Who is Marcelo Freixo wife Antonia Pellegrino ? When did they wed? Children


Freixo has been married to Antonia Pellegrino since 2018.  Marcelo Freixo wife Antonia Pellegrino is the writer and screenwriter. Antonia, a native of Rio de Janeiro, graduated in the social sciences and holds a master’s degree from PUC-Rio in literature, culture, and contemporary thought. She contributed to five TV Globo, HBO, and Multishow series and five soap operas, including Cobras & Lagartos, A Lua Me Disse, and Da Cor do Pecado. She wrote the screenplays for movies like Tim Maia and Democracia em Vertigem.

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At the 2017 carnival, Marcelo Freixo and his wife Antonia first met. There were five years of marriage between Marcelo Freixo and Antonia before they were wed two years later on July 19, 2019. He is the father of two young children, a daughter named Isa Freixo and son Bernardo Guerreiro from his previous relationship. He became a father at the age of 23.

The couple Marcelo Freixo and Antonia are also working together to rebuild Rio de Janeiro, which has been controlled for years by a mafia that prioritizes the needs of corrupt officials and criminals over the needs of millions of working-class families and other good people. Despite everything, these people never give up hope for a better future.

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How much is Marcelo Freixo net worth & earnings? Fortune, Salary

Marcelo Freixo net worth: His successful political career and work as a teacher have brought him a sizable sum of money for him. He is a federal delegate for the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), and he previously served as the head of the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly’s Commission for the Defense of Human Rights and Citizenship. The estimated net worth of Marcelo Freixo is R$5,113,034.68 ($1 million). As he is a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, Freixo salary is R$ 33,763 monthly (and benefits). 

As of 2016, his net salary was R$ 15,000.00.  On 09/12/16, he given an explanation for why his declaration of assets totaled R$ 5,000 because of costs associated with his children and parents. Additionally, he claims that the concept of a school without a party is “poverty that cannot be regarded as progress” from the campaign studio in Glória.

The character modeled after Freixo in the Brazilian film Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, directed by José Padilha, was created when he presided over a legislative investigative panel on police militias in Rio de Janeiro.

He ran for mayor of Rio de Janeiro twice, in 2012 and 2016, with lawyer and UFRJ professor Luciana Boiteux serving as his vice-mayor candidate in 2016. In both of the run-off elections, he came in second place, falling to Marcelo Crivella of the PRB in the second and Eduardo Paes of the PMDB in the first. In order to better prepare for the 2022 Rio de Janeiro gubernatorial election, Freixo switched from PSOL to PSB on June 16, 2021.