The Best Breads To Add to Your Diet If You Want to Lose Weight!

Whenever people go on weight loss diets the first thing they do is leave out carbs from their diet. However, not all carbs are created equal and among carbs, the one that gets the most flak is certainly bread. Most nutritionists will suggest you stay away from bread if you harbor any hope of losing weight. However, bread can be a part of your weight loss diet if you choose the right bread. As long as you choose bread made out of whole grains and are not too processed. Since whole grain bread has a lot of fiber they are less likely to cause unnecessary blood sugar spikes and keep you satiated for long. Let’s take a look at some of the bread that you can add to your diet without any fear of putting on bread, of course, you always have to be mindful of your portions.

Sprouted-Grain Bread

Sprouted-grain bread always comes nutritionist-approved.  It’s made of whole grains, has fiber, and also enough protein to keep you full for longer. Also, it has less sugar and sodium. Of course, it may take certain getting used to since it is dense and chewy and is more suitable for toasts than sandwiches. Hunt for the frozen section of the bread aisle to get your fill of sprouted-grain bread.

Whole-Wheat Bread

It may sound simple but it can give maximum bang for your buck too if you select the right one. However, you may have to check the ingredient list to find whether the one you choose is the right one. Most times there are unpronounceable ingredients on the back which you need to be wary of, always go for food products that have less number of things in the ingredients list, in this case, the lesser the merrier. Look for the fresher stuff in your local bakeries.

Sourdough Bread

Well, you may hear of it but have you tried it yet? Sourdough bread is in vogue because it is healthier and since it is fermented it is better for your gut health.  The fermentation process may weaken the gluten content in your bread and in most cases increases the bioavailability of the nutrients. Sourdough bread is certainly delicious and is pretty good for your blood sugar levels.

Seeded Breads

Seeds are tiny powerhouses of nutrition bombs. They are full of nutrients that include fiber, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.  Seeds also have a nice crunch, and it certainly makes your bread super crunchy. Of course, you still have to choose the whole-grain bread, Since white bread or refined flour, bread may also contain seeds, which may not make it healthy. You can also make one at your home and if you want to go low carb, you may always choose almond flour or coconut flour.

English Muffins

Although they may not fall into the broad category they are not far from the bread aisle. They are mini bread and can make for a great toast or sandwich.  Choose whole-grain English muffins as they are the healthiest bet for your health. Ensure they do not come with added salt or sugar.

Banana Bread

Banana bread fans can finally rejoice because you can add them to your weight loss diets too. Of course, not all banana bread is nutrient-rich and may contain a lot of sugar and additional fat. Take a good look at the ingredient list and choose the ones that pack a nutrient pinch such as Zucchini banana bread or pumpkin banana bread. Although you won’t be able to make a sandwich out of it, you can always sink your teeth into a sumptuous piece of banana bread and think in your mind all is right with the world. It is just so tasty, and soft and once in a while you can smear it with butter, somehow the sweet and savory combination works great for us. You may have to look for your own preferred combination.

All in all, don’t label any food as bad as long as you are in a calorie deficit, you can always include the food of your choice in moderation. Of course, the supermarket aisles are now full of bread catering to the low-carb dieters. Ensure they contain minimum ingredients and are not full of additives and preservatives.  Do you love bread? Well, eat it, have it with a side of protein and fats to stub the blood sugar spikes; you are good to go!