Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting? Of Course, Yes!

Losing weight is integral to living a good life. And you can lose pounds easily. Thanks to fad diets that help you get rid of the stubborn fat- these also lead you to feel unsatiated and hungry. What’s the purpose of indulging in something so weird? Rather than inviting health problems, find shelter in you.

Think of something gradual and permanent. Experts say that you can keep your stubborn reserves of fat at bay, without resorting to what is popular as ‘diet’! All you have to do is to make some quick tweaks in your lifestyle. These are pretty simple, yet painless strategies that you can choose from or incorporate a mix to lose weight- but slowly, sans ‘diet.’

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Ask for the most common advice from those who have lost weight, and they will tell you that skipping breakfast is the biggest mistake that you can do, thinking it’ll help you shed your flab! Elizabeth Ward, the author of The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the New Food Pyramids, says that almost all studies indicate cutting down on calories takes a reverse turn when you skip breakfast.

Chances of eating more throughout the day are higher by several notches. Besides, those who consume adequate breakfast have considerably lower BMIs than their skipper counterparts. Their performance level is higher, and they feel energetic throughout the day. Even when in a hurry, the simplest thing would be to add some nutritious whole-grain cereals and chopped fruits, with low-fat dairy in a bowl and kick-start the day.

Look For Grains

Try substituting whole grains for refined ones, like cakes, pastries, white bread, or even pretzels, and you will find doing a world of good for yourself. These help you obtain the much-needed fiber and also feel more filling. On the contrary, opting for whole-wheat bread, brown rice, bran flakes, pasta, whole-rye crackers, and popcorn won’t harm you greatly.

Keep Those Portions Trimmed

You love eating, and that’s understandable. But how about altering your diet a bit? Maybe try reducing the portions by 10%-20%? When you go to restaurants or even back at home, the portions served are comparatively larger.

This time act cautious and get some measuring cups to put a restraint on the portion sizes. Buy cups, small bowls, or plates and choose your foods fitted to them. This is in sync with what Brian Wansink, the author of Mindless Eating, had to say. With some great looking crockery or dishware, and your favorite foods served therein, you won’t mind seeing the quantity served is a little less. You won’t feel deprived either!

Snack On Proteins

The key to weight loss is feeling full without stuffing on the carbohydrates or fats. After every meal, you can try adding a low-fat protein or fill up your tummy with some protein snacks in between two meals, so that you don’t feel like munching on unhealthy foods. There are options aplenty – a small portion of nuts, eggs, beans, soya chunks, low-fat yogurt, or even lean meats. Experts have for long, ruled out the existence of three huge meals and rather propagated the idea of eating frequently, but small meals and snacks (at 2 or 3 hours gap). This helps in balancing your food intake, and blood sugar levels stay steady. What more, you’ll not even feel the urge to overindulge!

Be Careful With Liquid Calories

Sweetened beverages taste great, but are seldom beneficial. They only pile up on your calories and do not even relieve you from hunger, like solid foods. While the water might not taste great, we know. But how about supplementing your fluid intake with low-fat or skimmed milk, 100% fruit juices like fresh lime, oranges, pomegranates, and such? If you’ve never tried this, go for a low-calorie vegetable juice that would add the required nutrients that your body needs, besides keeping you hydrated. But be careful with alcohol calories. Limit consuming that to weekends, occasionally.

You will notice better results if you do workouts regularly. But even if you cannot do that, these simple changes in your lifestyle will go a long way. And it’s only a matter of time before results start showing up.