Caspian Feild net worth, parents, parents relationship, birthday, siblings

Caspian Feild is a celebrity child of British-American actor JJ Feild and Canadian television personality, Neve Campbell. His father is well-known for appearing in movies like “Not safe for work”, “Blood: The Last Vampire”  and “Wonder Woman”. Scroll down about Caspian Feild net worth, parents, and birthday.

What is Caspian Feild Net worth as of now?

Caspian Feild is too young to earn any sort of income. However his father, JJ Feild, has already made a reputation for himself in the entertainment industry as an actor and artist. His net worth is $7 million, and he earns roughly $1 million each year in compensation. He amassed a sizable fortune throughout his lengthy and successful career as a singer and actor. His film Captain America had a total box office collection of 370.6 million US dollars worldwide.

Field’s mother, Neve is also worth $10 million. And her one-hit film, Scream, was a great blockbuster. she garnered nearly $173 million at the global box office and received critical accolades. Her performance as Sidney Prescott has received widespread acclaim throughout the Scream series. She received the Saturn Award for Best Actress. Scream earned over $170 million, Scream 2 earned over $160 million, and Scream 4 earned over $97 million. Her professional work as a Canadian actor is her main source of income. She has also made a respectable living by endorsing and promoting a number of brands and businesses.

The couple’s combined net worth is $17 million as of now. So we can assume that Caspian Feild is living a happy and luxurious lifestyle.

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Caspian Feild parent’s relationship status


Caspian Feild’s parents are happily married and parents of two kids. His parents are regarded as a model marriage due to their sensitive love and understanding. JJ has been dating his mother since 2011 and appears to be content. And the pair were usually spotted clutching one other’s hands at award ceremonies and parties. They have a deep relationship and spend valuable time together in times of joy and sadness. The pair have been dating for around 7-8 years.

In their partnership, the couple had two lovely children. They became parents for the first time in August 2012, when Caspian Feild was born, and again in January 2018, when they adopted another son. Today, the duo is enjoying motherhood with two children. The spouse accepts complete responsibility for their children’s physical and psychological development.

Caspian Feild’s Parents’ Past Relationship

Caspian Field’s mother, Neves, has been married twice before she met JJ Feild. Previously, on April 3, 1995, she married Canadian actor Jeff Colt, whom she met while working as a bartender at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their ceremony, however, did not survive long, and they divorced in 1998.After her divorce from Jeff, she met actor John Light in 2001 while shooting Investigating Sex. In addition, the pair began dating in 2005. After dating for several years, they got engaged in December 2005 and married in Malibu, California, on May 5, 2007. For five years, they later relocated to the United Kingdom and lived in Islington, London. Neve filed for divorce in Los Angeles, California, despite their relationship deteriorating on June 30, 2010.

Caspia’s father, on the other hand, was in a love connection with Kelly Reilly from 2001 to 2002. There is no documentation of his past indiscretions or partnerships.

When and where was the Caspian Feild born? age, Parents, siblings and nationality

In August 2012, Caspian Feild was born in the United States of America to celebrity parents JJ Feild and Neve Campbell.  As of 2022, he is 10 years old. Also, he has an adopted brother named Raynor Feild, who JJ and Neve adopted in January 2018. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.