5 Secrets to Have a Clean Home

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1. Make your bed

The idea of making the bed as soon as you wake up is one of the first steps to having a clean house. People who twist and turn on their bed whole night have a little more difficult job than the stable sleepers but folding the blankets and the bed sheets and placing the cushions in the proper place, first thing in the morning, will give a neat feeling to your bedroom immediately which will provide a positive start to the day.

The next free time that you will get to do the same would probably be at night before you go to sleep, and you will probably be so tired from the day’s work that it will start feeling like a burden. Therefore, sort your bed out first thing in the morning.

2. Clean your fridge weekly

By cleaning, I do not mean excessive scrubbing and washing. Refrigerators are cluttered very easily because you tend to accumulate stuff on it over the week. Once a week, when you want to update your finished grocery, you can open your fridge and remove unnecessary items, which either cannot be used anymore or have become spoiled for a long time.

This is also the ideal time to clear any spillage or dirt and doing this once weekly is enough to give you the clean feel and to prevent any fungus growing on them.

3. Clean up right after dinner

A dirty washbasin is an unpleasant side especially when leftover food is also drooling out. Cleaning up the utensils as soon as you finish eating will go a long way in keeping your kitchen sink tidy, and it will also prevent a large number of dishes from accumulating over time, and the work will be a lot easier. Many facilities are available to assist you with faster and easier dishwashing, which can come in handy.

4. Do laundry on a specific day

Set aside a particular day of the week to do laundry. Most people choose Sunday to do so and have a basket where they can keep the clothes for wash throughout the week. Setting aside a particular time also helps, and you can correspond it to your favorite tv show or a movie, and you can finish your work while watching and the work will not feel like a burden at all.

5. Use baskets

People who use specific baskets for various purposes are sorted out. They can keep their homes tidy and clean more efficiently. You can assign baskets for multiple purposes like laundry clothes in one, sensitive clothes in one, shoes in one, a basket to keep things that has to be taken upstairs later etcetera. This sorting will make cleaning much more comfortable for you eventually.