A Company Started With A 14-Year-Old’s Babysitting Money Is Now Worth $250 Million

A 14-year-old who was saving up for a used car three years ago started a multi-million dollar company.

Bella Weems, now 17, started the jewelry company Origami Owl, reports Karsten Strauss at Forbes.

The exploding company generated $24 million in revenue in 2012 and expects to hit $250 million this year, Strauss writes.

The company provides jewelry to independent associates who buy items at a discount and then sell them to customers at private parties.

Weems started the company by using her babysitting money to make lockets and sell them to her friends. By the next year, the company went to a wholesale model and revenue began exploding.

The company has about 50,000 designers today, according to Forbes. Members of the Weems family play various executive roles.

Bella purchased a white Jeep in 2012, which she named Alice.