Diesel Brothers Net Worth 2021 Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Family, Partner & Wiki

Diesel Brothers is a top-rated American television reality series that went on TV on January 4th on the Discovery channel in 2016. This show basically revolves around a bunch of friends from Utah who are concerned with the customizations and repair works of trucks. The Diesel Brothers have a lot of similar features, but they aren’t real brothers. However, they are good friends and work partners.

The friends- David “Heavy D Sparks” and “David “Diesel Dave” Kiley went on their journey with a shop where they would take all kind of vehicles and then would bring it to two other boys who worked as shop helpers. Their trip went on where they would upload videos on YouTube, which later on got viral, and they together got featured on the Discovery channel. The genre of the show was actual, having its origin in the United States of America. The language kind they used was English.

In 2019 on November 5th, the series renewed for their 6th season, which eventually got on-air on December 9th in the year 2019.

People loving vehicles loved the show irrespective of their age. They tend to evaluate the understanding regarding mechanics by rebuilding the damaged trucks on camera. They love to get surrounded by vehicles regardless of the age of the animals. They have themselves premeditated some cars and earned a good amount of profit from it.

Well, how well do you know about Diesel Brothers? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Diesel Brothers’s net worth in 2021, wiki and complete details. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Diesel Brothers to date.


Heavy D always had a zeal towards vehicle mechanics. He did his first creation in 1976 on Yamaha Y280. He is all filled with knowledge of auto mechanics, fabrication, and welding. He achieved the manager post of auto mechanics through his dear mate after finishing high school. He was never keen on what’s happening in the classroom when he got himself enrolled in Webster State University, and subsequently, he quitted within a month.

Later in 2008, he went off with the venture he got appointed by his own good friend. Diesel Dave and his friend uploaded videos regarding their work and its patterns on YouTube and other social media platforms. They, through this means, achieved quite a lot of fan attention.


Diesel Dave and Heavy D were posting videos on YouTube channels regularly. However, when they made their appearance on “TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO,” they were communicated by Discovery Channel. It appeared on January 4th in 2016, on Discovery.

In 2019 from December 9th, its 6th season got released. When started in 1985, the Discovery Channel focused on educational content and some dry documentaries. However, with the rising competition on parallel channels, they went on to increase their focus area. They thought of bringing on the adventurous show- “Diesel Brothers.”

This show tends to quickly grab the attention of all people interested in trucks without fail. It appeals to people having an interest in it and other kinds too. The show actually teaches a lot of things regarding trucks and their related stuff.

They, with their immense hard work and super dedication, we’re able to run six seasons where it comprised 49 episodes. Each episode had a watch time of 42 minutes.

It was publicized on July 16th in 2020. They are going to run a three-hour TV special on August 8th in 2020, which would be christened as- “Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records.”

Awards & Achievements

There are the mechanical rulers of the television kingdom, and they are ruling their viewers’ hearts. This is the most significant achievement for a television host. They are being followed and liked by a massive cluster of people. They are always appreciated for their piece of contribution to this industry. Apart from the above sentimental achievements, they have received technical award one. Their kind of performance has never been accoladed with any other type of minor or big token of happiness after that.

Net Worth & Earnings of Diesel Brothers in 2021

The overall net worth of the two-some is around $6 million as of 2021. The wealth is the collective of the entire cast who showcase themselves on the show. Also, $2 Million is given to Dave Kiley. Speaking precisely-

  • Dave Kiley made around $2 Million
  • Josh Stuart has earned around $900 thousand and last but not least.
  • Keaton Hoskin has also successfully earned $500 thousand.

Dave Sparks, a famous businessman, had always loved to be around vehicles. He builds cars and loves to repair them. They earn their wealth by running a successful program that revolves around a group of friends in Utah. These friends are focused on improving and customizing pickup trucks.

Diesel Brothers runs a popular show that is well familiar with all vehicle lovers and other random people who do not keep love in trucks. They are appreciated for the kind of presentation they give on camera. They share a lot of their knowledge which is worth mentioning. They film themselves beautifully, considering the tips, tactics, and advice they share.

The kind of content they cover is undoubtedly unique and worth appreciation. A lot of people prefer it, and they love the cast of it as well. But as on the flip side of their super success story, back in 2016, they faced immense criticism and challenged a lawsuit filed against them. Utah Physicians were against them since the latter brought in modifications in their so-called vehicles, responsible for creating black smoke and other unwanted gases that are harmful to the environment.