Discover Panama City in 48 Hours

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It’s surprising how most travelers flock the Caribbean, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and disregard the wondrous sights awaiting them in Panama. The country’s capital city of Panama City is the most likely the first stop you will make and it’s a city worth staying for a bit longer.

It features several tourist attractions and is renowned for its magnificent beaches, which provide perfect settings for anyone looking for pristine beaches. Moreover, Panama City extends a variety of things, and there are many reasons to enjoy your holiday in the vacation paradise.

Check out ways to discover Panama City in 48 hours:

1. Stroll through the Panama City

Panama City is a city full of attractions and things to see and do and it’s not just a mere stop-over or starting point for you any Panama adventures. It is a beautiful and diverse city and you can spend some time exploring it. Also, do not worry about findings a proper accommodation as the city hosts a huge variety of hotels, ranging from boutique hotels in Panama City to luxury retreats and hotels for a smaller budget.

2. Cruise through the Panama Canal


The Panama Canal is an excellent place for visitors to start their Panama City experience. It has significantly contributed to the growth of the tourism and real estate sectors with the country. Touring the Panama Canal is the best thing you can do in Panama City. Alongside, there also is a museum that goes into all the history of this amazing project and you can actually see the canal ‘in action’ outside. It can take a few hours to get there and back and can consume a day to fully explore but you can always retreat back in on of the many Panama City Hotels.

3. Tour Panama Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is a popular spot in Panama City. It was founded by Pedro Arias de Avila in 1519 and was the point where the expeditions that seized the Inca empire in Peru begun. It also holds the remaining ruins of the first Spanish city. Consider wandering in the stress and visit the many high quality shops. Don’t leave without acquiring molas, baskets, fabrics, and embroidered blankets from the many indigenous women on the street.

4. Visit Cinta Costera

Panama City has magnificent sceneries, and Cinta Costera is one of them. It’s a beautiful waterfront park on the coastline that leads to Casco Viejo. It features many pathways great for exercising or strolling after a long day of activities. The best way to complete your tour is by savoring your meal in one of the 5 star hotels in Panama.


The city of Panama is a beautiful place for visitors who wish to experience life differently. There are many appeals to make your trip worthwhile, from beaches, The Panama canal, and waterfront parks, you can be sure to have a pleasant stay.