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Dr Sara Kayat

Dr. Sara Kayat Biography

Dr Sara Kayat is a practising NHS GP at Gray’s Inn Medical Practice. She also carries out private consultations at 90 Sloane Street and at 60 Harley Street. She is also This Morning’s resident GP on ITV, regularly offering her expertise on their weekly “Second Opinion” feature.

Dr Sara Kayat Age

Her age is unknown.

Dr Sara Kayat Nationality

She is a British national.

Dr. Sara Kayat Education

She has a bachelor of medicine in surgery from King’s College, London. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the same institution. She also has a diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Dr Sara Kayat Husband

Sara got married to Ruper Walker in July 2017. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History from The London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the head of brand at LoveTheSales.com. He previously worked in PR and communications.


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There are lots of pregnant women out there worrying that their partners won’t be allowed to their labour. This should not be the case and @rcobsgyn released some guidelines today about this, essentially they say: 1. Women should be permitted and encouraged to have a partner with them in their labour. It makes a difference to our wellbeing and safety. 2. Only one birth partner can stay with the woman during labour providing they have no symptoms of coronavirus. 3. The partner will be asked not to walk around the ward or hospital and just stay at your bedside. 4. If they have had any symptoms of COVID19 in the preceding 7 days they will be asked to leave and self isolate at home. 5. Depending on local trust policy, your partner may not be permitted to the antenatal or postnatal wards. Check with your midwife for local policy! But they WILL be allowed to be present for your birth as long as they are symptom free. . Disclaimer: This was all correct as of today, but as we are all too aware, guidelines may change. . #covid #coronavirus #covid19 #pregnancy #pregnant #labour #birth #selfisolation #health #medicine #drsara #obstetrics #midwife #drsarakayat #doctor

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Dr Sara Kayat Baby

Sara welcomed her baby named Harris in May 2020. She had a water birth at home with no midwife or pain relief. While appearing on This Morning she said; “I was at home, I’d always wanted a water birth, but I didn’t expect it to be my birth, with no midwife present, so my husband had to kind of capture the baby as he came out.”


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#NewMamaTips . I decided I would try and impart any little tips I have been given that I felt really useful. The kind of stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily read about. So the first in the ‘New Mama Tips’ season is: . Wear a hair band on the wrist of the side which you last breastfed from. . I was forever forgetting which boob I last fed Harris from, especially in the middle of the night when i’m a little delirious. You end up in the morning with one milk depleted side and one ready to explode 🤣 So an easy reminder is to wear a hair band round my wrist of the side that he just fed from. . It’s not exactly rocket science, but the simpler the better at this stage, because anything more complex is just not possible with the few functioning brain cells I have left! . This tip was suggested by @the.modern.day.midwives #newmum #firsttimemum #baby #birth #mum #parenting #parenthood #motherhood #breastfeeding #milk #leftorright #breastmilk #mybreastfeedingtip

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Dr Sara Kayat

Dr Sara Kayat is a practising NHS GP at Gray’s Inn Medical Practice. She also carries out private consultations at 90 Sloane Street and at 60 Harley Street. She began her career in medicine as a junior doctor at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital followed by Worthing Hospital. She then specialised in general practice, attaining her membership to the Royal College of GPs (MRCGP) having completed her 3 year GP training at St George’s Hospital in London. She is now a Member for the North East London RCGP Faculty Board.

She developed a passion for surgical interests, sexual health, and lifestyle medicine, completing a Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning, and later an accreditation for minor surgery and joint injections. She also practices cosmetic medicine.

Dr Sara Kayat This Morning

Sara is This Morning’s resident GP on ITV, offering her expertise on their weekly Second Opinion feature. She has appeared on BBC 1 The Truth About series, Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and is frequently seen on the health segments on ITV News. She also worked at Balham Park Surgery which featured on Channel 5’s GPs Behind Closed Doors.

Dr Sara Kayat Celebrity Island

In 2017 she was part of the line-up for Celebrity Island on Channel 4. Together with nine other celebrities; Lucy Mecklenburgh, Ryan Thomas, Iwan Thomas, RJ Mitte, Mark Watson, Melody Thornton, Sharron Davies, Jordan Stephens and Shazia Mirza all spent four weeks tranded on an island in Panama.

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Postpartum exercise . I’m 6 weeks postpartum today and I finally felt strong enough to start some exercise again. This photo is after a little 30 minute cardio sesh from @mamawelluk ❤️ LOVED getting moving again! . After labour you can start pelvic floor exercises, gentle stretching and go for walks straight away if you feel up for it. . But for higher impact exercises, women often wait till their 6 week check with their GP to be given the all clear. . One thing a lot of women worry about when they come to see me for their 6 week checks is their abdominal muscle separation, called diastasis recti. . This is when the two muscles that run down the middle of the abdomen separate during pregnancy to make room for your baby bulge! . After birth these muscles slowly start to come back together. You can check for yourself to see how far apart they are: 1. Lie on your back, bend your knees and have your feet flat on the floor. 2. Lift your head off the floor so you can look down at your belly. 3. Feel with your fingertips between the edges of the muscles, above and below your belly button. 4. See how many fingers you can fit between the gap, and note how it slowly decreases with time. By 8 weeks you would expect it to be back to normal and if it isn’t, do speak to your GP about it, as left it can result in back pain. . Remember there is no need to rush into anything your body is not ready for. For those having c-sections recovery may also be different, so be kind to yourself and your body.

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