Dropping The Extra Pounds After Childbirth May Not Be Easy! Here’s How You Can Do It!

The new mums are always in a hurry to drop the pounds fast and get back to their pre-pregnancy shape as soon as they can. However, research says that new mothers should wait until the baby is at least two months old and the supply of breast milk supply is normalized. Only then can the new mother think of getting back to the pre-pregnancy weight.

The takeaway here is no hurry, and weight loss should be a steady and sustainable weight loss process. While most mothers are impatient to lose weight, they can lose 50% of their weight six weeks after their delivery. The weight loss journey is as unique as they come, so what works for you may not work for someone else. So, ensure you follow a weight loss regime that caters to your weight loss needs. So, here are some tips to help you shed the extra weight with ease.

 Pick From Each Food Group

One of the worst mistakes that new moms make is when they eliminate food groups, as a few of them may avoid carbs while others will avoid dairy. Optimum weight loss is achieved when a woman includes food groups from each category.

They may include fruits, grains, protein, veggies, and dairy. You will want to keep your body nourished as you lose weight and not suffer from the side effects of extreme dieting. Also, you cannot substitute one with the other, a protein with fat, or vice versa. Since each food group offers different nutrients and your body is still in the recovery phase, you may need all the nutrients you can.

Nibble on Something Healthy

Nibbling on to small and healthy meals at regular intervals and spreading energy is the best way to lose weight since this will stop you from binging later. For instance, if you have a small breakfast and fail to eat anything in between or something substantial for lunch.

And you may end up eating way more than you initially thought you would. Ensure you pack your snacks with something healthy, eat things such as unsalted nuts, fresh fruits, yogurt, a protein bar, or hummus. Something that will take care of your cravings, and you eat just right, not too much or too little.

Think About Portion Control

It is always important to consider your portion sizes. Most nutritionists will advise you to fill most up your plate with veggies and protein and serve yourself a smaller serving of carbohydrates. A huge serving of protein not only fills you up but also helps you lose weight.

A good amount of good fats can also keep away the hunger pangs and nourish your body. As they say, your bodies love the good fats and keep you healthy. So never avoid or fear the good fats, coconuts, avocadoes, nuts seeds, and works.

Keep a Tab on Cravings

Whenever you crave some high-calorie foods, read chocolate or ice cream, you can curb your cravings with healthier alternatives. For example, you can substitute milk chocolate with dark chocolate, which has way less sugar than the standard milk chocolate.

The best way to curb your sweet cravings is with fruits and vegetables. This includes everything, such as bananas or sweet potato, which can turn out to be healthier versions.

 Say No to Fad Diets

Skipping meals or following a fad diet is not the answer to weight loss. Don’t fall on the bandwagon of something that may help you cut the calories drastically, even help you lose weight. But you may end up gaining it all back in some time. It also ruins your metabolism. Losing too soon is certainly not the answer. It is especially important for breastfeeding moms not to skip meals as it may also impact their postpartum recovery process. Also, when you are breastfeeding, you may need more calories than usual. You certainly will need the energy to take care of a new baby and yourself.

If your weight is currently stable, you can gradually decrease your calorie intake by about 500 calories per day. This will ensure you lose weight safely and sustainably, read 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg) per week. Stay true to your goal, and yes, hide that weighing scale somewhere you certainly don’t need to remind yourself that you weigh a certain pounds constantly. The important thing to do is feel fresh, energetic, and on top of the world!