Easiest Skincare Routine in Existence

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I’ve been through years and years of hassling skincare routines, creams, face washes, and medicines. I personally know how terrible it can be going through breakouts, and how frustrating it gets when absolutely nothing works.

I used to take minocycline, an antibiotic medication for my acne, but unfortunately it was too strong for my stomach. Each day I had stomach pains, nausea, and struggled to eat. On the bright side, it tremendously cleared up my face, where I had acne all over consistently. I later switched to an estrogen only birth control, that I took every day years after getting off of minocycline and hoping it would clear up with common face washes and creams. Unfortunately again, it gave me migraines where I had to stop and switch pills.

Currently, I have discovered the best skin care routine. My birth control now is no help to my skin, but it stays clear consistently. I found to use CeraVe face wash (not the hydrating one). I use this twice daily, or if I go to the gym. After this face wash, in the morning, I use the Breath of Fresh Air toner from Lush. This toner is a mix of rose, sea water, and aloe vera gel. It also includes dashes of patchouli and rosemary oil. All of these natural, organic items tone and balance your skin as well as clear it. It truly is a breath of fresh air as it cools and refreshes your face. After the toner, I use a face oil. By Valjean Labs, I use the facial serum called “Glow.” This serum focuses primarily on the vitamin C and magnesium, which brightens your face for a natural glow. After this serum, I finish off with my Cetaphil face lotion. This combination not only balances and clears acne, but gives a glow and a soft touch. I absolutely live by this routine and I have been using this for months. Highly recommend for those with pesky teenage or stress acne that just won’t go away. It surely takes a little bit of time, but having naturally smooth, acne-free skin has made me stick by this.