Erin Napier Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Husband, Daughter, HGTV, Net worth

Erin Napier and her husband Ben Napier

Erin Napier Biography

Erin Napier is an American artist and reality television personality. She serves as a host of ‘Home Town’ on HGTV alongside her husband Ben Napier. They are set to host a new show ‘Home Town Rescue’ on HGTV.

Erin Napier Age

She was born on August 10, 1985 in Mississippi, USA.

Erin Napier Height

Erin stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Where is Erin Napier originally from?

Erin hails from Southern town of Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin Napier Education

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the University of Mississippi.

Erin Napier Parents

She is the daughter of Karen Rasberry and Phil Rasberry. Her mother, Karen is a seasoned realtor in Laurel, Mississippi. She was a cheerleading captain when she was in high school, and encouraged Erin to try it out in junior high but it wasn’t the same good fit for her but her mother never forced her to keep doing it.

Erin says that her mother encouraged her to be creative and supported her. “She didn’t like the music I liked sometimes, but she was so proud to see me playing guitar and piano at coffee shops and talent shows. She never missed a show. She encouraged me to be independent, to think for myself, to be unconcerned with the opinions of my peers.”

Erin Napier Brother

Erin has one sibling, an older brother known as Clark Rasberry.

Erin Napier and Ben Napier

Erin is married to Ben Napier since November 22, 2008. The couple first met


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On December 7, 2004 and I met in our college yearbook room about the feature story we were writing about him. I was the design editor and for two years had noticed him, always the center of attention, everyone’s best friend, my biggest crush. December 8, we took the photos for the yearbook. December 9, we went on our first date and he met my mama. December 10, we looked at the Christmas lights in Mason Park. December 13, we decided we would get married someday. It sounds crazy to you, maybe. But it makes perfect sense to me. Click the link in my profile for the journal Big wrote about the night we saw the lights, just like we did tonight with Helen, 15 years later.❤️ #loveweek

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Erin Napier Daughter

She has a daughter known as Hellen Napier who was born on January 3, 2018.

Erin has revealed that she battled with fertility as after she was diagnosed with a perforated appendix, she was told that it “wasn’t likely” for her to have children.

“I wanted a family desperately. So that was a hard place to be. It was really difficult and then when it happened, it felt like this huge release. Like, ‘Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore—that decision has been made for me. So she’s on her way.’ And then it was just joy. It was just absolute joy and it was a wonderful experience and I just don’t know what our life would look like without [Helen] in it.” She told PEOPLE magazine.

Erin Napier Lucky Luxe

After college Erin started a blog to showcase her freelance design work, mostly birthday party invitations and wedding stationery. She did her own wedding invitations using a simple typeface that she and Ben printed on ivory cotton paper in red and blue inks.

A childhood friend was impressed and asked her to create a save-the-date announcement for her own wedding. She printed it on card stock, screen-printed it on ivory handkerchiefs with lace around the edges. She snapped a photo of them and posted on her blog.

She received an email from a woman in New York who had seen her blog and asked her to make something similar for her wedding. She then shared ” the hankies on her blog, and within hours I had a rush of inquiries from customers all over the world, not to mention a call from Martha Stewart Weddings, saying it would be featuring me and my handkerchiefs on its website. Lucky Luxe was launched.”

She then started an online journal, ‘Make Something Good Today’ where she focused on what gave her and people around her joy.

Erin Napier Home Town HGTV

Erin and Ben are the hosts of Home Town on HGTV. The show follows them as they renovate turn-of-the-century homes for first-time buyers, young families, and adults wishing to live closer to grandchildren. Erin’s keen sense of style and a background in graphic design guide the renovations, Ben’s building and woodworking skills preserve and celebrate the home’s history, and by using found materials and old textiles, they keep the character intact but create modern and affordable updates.

The couple were discovered by HGTV executive, Lindsey Weidhorn who had seen a publication by Southern Weddings who had covered about their home renovation. They had bought a yellow 1925 craftsman cottage that Erin loved since childhood and they began renovating it.

Erin Napier Home Home Town Rescue

On November 13, 2019 it was announced they will be starring in the spin-off show ‘Home Town Rescue’ which will premiere in 2021. According to HGTV Erin and Ben will take on an entire town in need of renovation.

“The Napiers will mobilize members of one community to renovate multiple individual homes in the town and upgrade public spaces, such as parks, local diners and/or recreational centers.”

Erin Napier Net worth

Erin’s net worth is unknown but together with her husband Ben they have a combined estimated net worth of $5 million.

Erin Napier Illness

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Erin revealed that she battled a mysterious illness for a decade and even threatened to prevent her from having children.

She revealed that at the age of 19 she started having episodes where she would experience terrible stomach pain and low grade fever for 24 hours; “In the beginning, it would be 24 hours of terrible stomach pain and a low grade fever, and then it would disappear.”

She sais that the episodes grew more intense when she married Ben in 2008 as it became two days then three days. At its worst, she would be laid up for a week at a time, unable to move without pain and without any idea what was causing it.

Ben added that they went to the doctors and did countless tests and CT scans never showed anything out of order. “We went through everything, from doctors thinking it might be something really bad like cancer to saying it was in Erin’s head.”

In 2014 Erin was advised by her OBGYN to undergo an emergency exploratory surgery which revealed her organs were all bound together, fused by a tissue that covered everything. She was sent to another surgeon.

During a second surgery, the doctors discovered that she had a perforated appendix. The organ had been bursting and healing itself repeatedly for years. The organ had healed itself, becoming encased in scar tissue that eventually spread “like a cancer” to cover her other internal organs.

“The first time it happened, when I was 19, it just partially ruptured. Not enough to kill me, just enough to make me sick,” Erin said.

Even after removing the tissue and her appendix, Erin was told having children “wasn’t likely,” due to the damage caused over the years.

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