Eva Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain Relief

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After a tireless day, everyone wants to relieve stress and relax on their mattress for a sound sleep. However, choosing a perfect mattress that fulfills your need for deep comforting sleep takes time and effort. So, to save you from the drill, here we are with CHITA Eva Hybrid 10″ & 12″ mattresses

Keeping your comfort in mind, Chita introduced CHITA Eva Hybrid 10″ & 12″ mattresses. We have designed it to provide a comfortable tireless sleep without compromising the style. So let’s uncover the features of this mattress. 

Breathable Fabric:

Your body starts regulating heat while deep sleep to control your body temperature. Therefore, you must have a mattress with breathable material bedding which can absorb excess heat from your body., Eva Hybrid mattress is designed with a Bamboo Charcoal-infused cover considering the fact. This high-technology material promotes airflow while you sleep, so it is the best option for people who tends to afraid of heat. It keeps your body cells fresh so that you wake up refreshed. 

Fiber Glass Free:

A mattress made of organic and sustainable materials is what you need for a toxic chemical-free bed. Chita used high-quality organic material to design the Eva Hybrid mattresses instead of hazardous chemicals like fiberglass for your health and safety. On top of that, It is certiPUR-US certified.  It’s available in 10 and 12 inches thicknesses and has a moderate feel to suit all sorts of sleepers.

Advanced Motion Isolation System:

Eva Hybrid Mattress 10″ & 12″ comes with advanced motion isolation technology to keep you away from restless and disturbed sleep. This system preserves the motion of the mattress foam from spreading across all parts of the mattress. So, if you are a light sleeper and every movement of your partner wakes you up, this technology is best for you. 

Back Pain Relief:

There are multiple reasons for back pain and body stiffness. However, a stiff or too soft mattress can also be the reason for you waking up with back pain and stiff bones. Therefore, Chita manufacture mattress that is neither too soft nor too soft under an expert’s supervision. It has special features and quality fiber layers to keep your backbone in its correct form while you sleep peacefully. 

Long Lasting:

The mattress has all the characteristics one might need to have sound sleep. However, quality and longevity are the additional advantages you get if you purchase them. This mattress is built to provide healthy deep sleep for years. So, investing in it gives you the security of undisturbed nights of sleep for a long-lasting period. 


Several brands might sell mattresses with modern words showing them as the best while costing a huge sum. Chita is not one among them. Our mattress has a combination of features you may only get if you buy an expensive one. However, it’s budget-friendly with high quality. 

Final Words:

If you are planning to buy a mattress or replace your old one, Eva Hybrid Mattress 10″ & 12″ is your best option. Its breathable charcoal-infused bamboo cover, fiberglass-free fabric layers and advanced motion isolation technology can satisfy you easily.