Everything You Wanted To Know About Bladder Cancer Diet

A bladder is an organ situated at the lower portion of your abdomen to store urine. It expands and shrinks periodically to store and pump the urine off your body. Releasing your urine to empty the bladder is an essential process that involves no pain. But if you start feeling the uncomfortable or painful discharge of urine or possibly a red colored one, chances are there that something’s not right.

This could be the potential symptoms of bladder cancer that typically forms in the cells of your bladder. But you need not worry as the disease is highly treatable if diagnosed early. Like every other disease, bladder cancer patients require optimum nutrition to support treatment. Hence, it is important to take care of your body by eating healthy foods. Diet is the key to defeat this form of cancer. Let’s see how.

It’s Not Something Extraordinary

Your way of eating or certain dietary pattern could act as a life-changing move to decide how well you will fight with bladder cancer, albeit there’s no such recommendation of a specific diet to prevent the disease. The diet plan itself can’t cure someone completely, but all we can do is reduce its risk.

The Mediterranean Diet is one such dietary habit that is highly beneficial to lower the risk of bladder inflammation and other complications. Besides, the diet offers various range of health benefits associated with it.

The Bladder Cancer Diet is no extraordinary dietary plan that requires a unique range of foods you need to incorporate into your daily menu. A well-balanced, healthy way of eating is good enough to keep you well in the long run. For instance, foods high in antioxidants have potential anti-cancer elements, according to some scientific studies. So what is a healthy eating pattern?

Opt for Adequate Vitamin, Minerals, and Proteins

The benefit of fruits and vegetables is indispensable as they provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals required to keep a bladder cancer patient strong and healthy. The antioxidant-rich foods such as broccoli, Kale is very productive in this case, as mentioned earlier. The same goes for vegetables high in fiber to keep an improved digestive system.

A healthy digestive system means your body will have a better immune system and safeguard you from many diseases. Adequate protein and healthy fats are beneficial, as well. Consider including an adequate protein source in your diet like fish, eggs, chicken, soy, lentils, etc. While avocado, olive oils, nuts have healthy fats that help your body absorb some vitamins effectively.  Similarly, products with whole grain are best to cook daily foods.

Say ‘Yes’ to Green Tea

Green Tea has become very popular these days. No doubt, it has some of the elements that help us drain many toxins of our bodies. Besides, green tea is rich in polyphenols, another valuable anti-cancer prevention component. Polyphenols are important to stop the effects of aging, too, along with other health benefits. So if you enjoy tea, make it green!

Beware of Arsenic and Avoid Red Meat

As the title suggests, water full of arsenic is very toxic for those diagnosed with bladder cancer. Not just for bladder cancer patients, but arsenic will also slow poison a healthy living human being.  So filter your water well before drinking. Also, drink mineral water as much as you can.

Processed red meat doubles the cancer risk. While you can opt for unprocessed red meat, do not consume it often! A study found that a western-type diet is dangerous when it comes to bladder cancer recurrence risk. While an eastern nutritious plant-based diet is safe to follow.

Things You Should Follow

With bladder cancer, you could have fatigue. You might feel less energetic while working or playing. This might be because your blood has a low count of iron and Vitamin B12. Considering your age and other complications, your doctor may suggest you some supplements to boost it.

Cancer will also make your infection (if you have one) heal slowly. Consult your physician before taking any antibiotics. Always take antibiotics under strict supervision as it wipes out a few good bacterias.

Having said all these, this is not scientifically possible to remove cancer by just following a certain diet. As mentioned earlier, bladder cancer is highly treatable with earlier treatment. What important is the proper diagnosis? If you are having pain during urination, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Follow a healthy diet plan to stay fit and fine!