Eyelash Growth Products and Facts you Should Know

Finding a cosmetic serum that is also used in medical procedures is not common. However, this is not the case with eye growth products. Most of them are derived from serums used in medical procedures though in lower concentrations. The most common chemical used is one that is utilized in the treatment of glaucoma. Latisse has been using this serum for years with great success. The fact that the medication could cause eyelash growth was accidental.

Is it Safe?
Most people who lengthen and thicken their eyelashes wonder if there may be adverse effects on their health. In most cases, eyelash growers are quite safe; they only contain 5% or less of the dosage used in the treatment of glaucoma. To ensure that you are safe at all times, read the instructions that come with your eyelash serum carefully.

Effects on the Body
Bimatoprost is the main ingredient in the treatment of glaucoma. In extended use, it has been proven to cause some minor side effects, especially in massive doses. The substance relieve pain on the eyes by reducing pressure from within the eye. The long term effect most commonly observed is iris discoloration. In some cases, it may cause a hollowed look of the eyes due to fat atrophy around the eyes.

How it Works
Before application, wash your hands and face to ensure there is no debris. Eyelash growth products will come with a unique applicator; use it to get as much of it at the base of the eyelashes. These serums will work by causing the skin to produce more hair follicles. These serums should only be used on the upper eyelids. However, if some of it drops onto the lower eyelids, there is no significant problem. In just about two months, most people will begin to see their eyelashes looking full. Do not be scared about some of it getting into your eyes. However, if it causes irritation, contact the doctor. When the use of the serum is stopped, eyelashes will also stop growing rapidly.

It Works for Most People
If the FDA has approved the eyelash growth products, you should be assured of their safety. The only ones who should avoid it are those with glaucoma. This medication is based on glaucoma medication. As a result, it may mess up your dosage. If you must use the eyelash growth products during treatment, ask your doctor first.

Side Effects will disappear
Most of the side effects that you may experience are not permanent. For instance, the hollowed eye look will disappear if you stop using the medication. Common effects are itchiness, bloodshot eyes, dry eyes and swelling of the eyes. In rare cases, you may notice eyelashes emerge from the corners of your eyes.

Using Contact Lenses
Contact lenses may be problematic with the use of eyelash growth products. To avoid problems, remove them before you begin applying the serum. Contact lenses tend to absorb the serum, which causes discoloration; it may ruin the appeal of wearing contacts.

If you wish to use eyelash growth products, make sure you understand all aspects of it. You will use an enormous amount of money, and there are effects. To avoid panicking, check to make sure you know which ones are worth worrying about in case they appear. In most cases, the effects of eyelash growth products will disappear with discontinuation of the product. While having beautiful eyelashes is great, remember to take care of your health.