How to Find the Perfect Work Bag

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Nabbing the perfect work bag is no easy task! You’re asking for an awful lot from just one bag when you think about it, storage, tech protections, durability, waterproof textiles and comfort – just to name a few requirements. So, when you’re asking for oh so much from just one small bag, it can start to feel like that dream piece isn’t out there at all. But don’t fret, it is! It’s all a question of exploring the most appropriate styles on offer and deciphering what makes a great work bag…

Work Bag Styles

There is a tonne of different bag styles to choose from, and they all have their benefits. A few great cuts to consider include…

Satchel: The satchel, or messenger, is a classic worker style piece that’s been used for hundreds of years. This style is perfect for those who are always stashing documents, folders and even tablets or laptops in their work bag.

Tote: Totes are great, catch-all styles that you can just throw everything into. The tote bag doesn’t tend to have an abundance of pockets, compartments or any kind of closure system, so this one is best for those who carry their essentials with them on short-lived commutes.

Backpack: Backpacks have come a long way since your school days, in fact, they’re kind of at the height of style now! Messenger style and leather backpacks will stash most of your must-haves without compromising your back or shoulder health, so they’re great for those that are walking to work.

Pull Along: A pull along bag might be slightly unconventional, but it’s a perfect style for those who are constantly travelling or for professionals who tend to bring an awful lot of gear with them to the office. Move along with total ease with one of these at your side.

Crossbody: Crossbody bags are best saved for those who bring their laptop and a couple of essentials with them on their daily commutes. These are secure, segmented and relatively comfortable.


Once you’ve landed on the work bag style that’s going to be best for you and your daily routine, it’s time to turn your attention to the material that it will be crafted out of. Leather is the classic, favoured material for many work bags as it’s highly durable, mark resistant, looks great and wears beautifully. Ethical, vegan leathers developed from Polyurethane and paper have been super popular in recent years, so this is an ideal option if you love the look, but you don’t love the source. Alternate options such as Rayon, cotton, canvas and linen are also perfect choices for your day-to-day bag.

Fashion Considerations

Take a moment to think about what kind of fashion statement you’d like your bag to make! Bear in mind that you’re carrying this with you every day, so you need to make sure that the piece you end up with is going to be loved by you day in day out. Are you a minimalist at heart? Look for a sleek, black tote style. Perhaps you’re more into the bohemian, vintage vibe? A worn, tan leather satchel will suit you perfectly. Eschew fleeting trends and follow your own preferences to wind up with a bag that you truly love.

Once you check out the styles, materials and fashion choices you have available, you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for you and your workplace! Keep practicalities and your own personal taste in mind every step of the way and you’ll nab that dream bag in absolutely no time!