Five Amazing Hacks that Japanese Beauty Lovers Swear By

Japanese women are famous for their makeup tricks and skincare hacks. Women worldwide try to keep up with the novel beauty trends and makeup hacks in Japan. Women from Japan are not only popular for their quirky beauty hacks but also their amazing fashion sense. Are you looking for some trending hacks to amp up your beauty regimen? Well, look no further. We have got just that for you and more!

False lashes

False lashes have been dominating the Japanese beauty horizon for the longest time. The ‘doll-like’ look complete with the false lashes has been in vogue for the longest time.

False lashes open up your eyes, and while most women apply them on their top lashes, Japanese women also apply them on their bottom lashes. False lashes can immediately perk up your look without doing much.

The hangover ‘under your eyes’ makeup look

The hangover makeup trend is sweeping across the length and breadth of Tokyo. The name of the trend seems curious, so what is it all about? So, all you need a blush in the pinkish-red shade. Instead of applying it on the apple of your cheeks, you blush-it-on under your eyes.

The pale ‘look’

The sickly trend or ‘byojaku’ is what it means – the sickly trend. In this, you put on a type of makeup that makes you look all washed out. We are sure you are wondering how this look is climbing the trending charts.

However, the only time this look could be your savior is when you have a hangover. And at times like that, you have got nothing to worry about.

Shave off the peach fuzz

“Kao sori” is a trending beauty hack that’s captivating Japan and the world over. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it is. All you need is a razor and shave off the peach fuzz.

It lends a soft and dewy skin texture as the creams penetrate inside the skin better. Also, face shaving helps get rid of the dead skin, and your skin looks and feels as soft as a baby’s.

Rice water

We bet you have heard about this traditional practice of using rice water on your skin and hair from your grandmom for its many benefits. It is a part of the Geisha tradition. It makes your skin soft and glowing and also youthful. The process is simple. All you have to do is put some rice into a bowl and rinse off the water.

Drain off the rice and pour water into the bowl again. Allow it to sit for at least twenty minutes. Drain the water off again and massage the same on your face. The water becomes enriched with vitamins B and E and works its magic on your face.

Tabata regimen workout

The Tabata workout promises maximum results in minimum time. Tabata workout is the ‘it’ workout, and everyone is trying it for a reason. It has its roots in Japan. And a few minutes into the workout, you feel amazing, and you also end up sweating so much! This will give tough competition to the other hour-long workouts that do not give as-amazing results.

Dr. Izumi Tabata was the founder of the exercise regime in 1996. He believed that short exercise stints were great for your overall health. It challenges you and tones you. It is also called, or rather it is a form of High-intensity-interval-training or HIIT where all you need is four minutes to complete your workout. And then you go twenty seconds all out, get ten seconds of rest, and then repeat the entire process eight times. You sweat buckets and end up having glowing skin.

  Glossy eyes

The wet-looking eye shadow look has caught on. You can find that trend on the road and runways in Tokyo.

This look has mesmerized the massy and the classy beauty consumer. It is a gel-based eye shadow that can be used either as a layered look or single color.

If you are as fascinated by Japan’s beauty trends as much as we are, then here are the trends that you must certainly try. Most of the trends are easy-peasy and are seriously effective. So, do give it a try, and you never know, it might turn out to be the beauty secret you might be looking for! And then, your skin would glow as flawlessly as you would want it to be!