Five Gym-Like Exercises You Can Perform at Home

Every year, thousands of people across the globe take up the resolution to hit the gym and get fit. However, that resolution is broken long before the first month of the year ends. This year too, has been the same for many. But the year 2020 is a different one, even those who religiously frequent the gym are taking a break – courtesy, the lockdown!
If you are one of those who were planning on hitting the gym this year or the fitness freak who does it every day, and missing out on your workout routine, here’s what you could do. We help you have a gym-like workout in the comfort of your home with a  few smart hacks.

Make sure you perform a few stretches and warm-ups before you start working out, to avoid catching or straining a muscle.


Pushups are a great way to start training while at home. It strengthens your upper body muscles besides strengthening the core muscles in your body. All you will need is a flat surface. Hold yourself in a plank-like position, raise and drop your body rhythmically.

Balance your weight on your palms and toes as you drop to your knees. You can also balance yourself on an elevated surface and drop your body down by bending near the elbows. For beginners, you can start with around three sets or more based on your body stamina.


This workout is ideal if you want to build your lower body strength while also toning the muscles. All you will need for this is an elevated step-like surface. Start by positioning yourself in front of the step, place your right foot on it while lifting your left leg up and down around the step.

Balance your body weight on the right foot while you push your body using the strength from your left heel. Alternate this exercise a few times. For beginners, you could try performing this 15 times for each leg. Besides strengthening your lower body, this exercise also helps build body balance and stability.

Squat Pulses

Squats are a great way to build fitness for beginners or while working out at home. It strengthens your core muscles and helps with your body balance. However, once you are familiar with and comfortable performing squats, you should push your body further to strengthen the muscles even more. One way to do that is to perform the squat pulses.

In this exercise, you will squat like you normally do, hold your hand in front of your chest, and slowly raise your body with the help of your heels. This rising and dropping on your heels while maintaining the squatting posture increases tension in your muscles and adds to their strength. Repeat this for around ten times by holding the posture for approximately 3-5 seconds in every set.

Mountain Climbers

you can do a few sets of mountain climbers, you will not need weights to work on your muscles. Yes, that’s right, because this exercise uses your body weight for strength training. For this exercise, you will have to hold a high plank position with your arms extended outside your body. Now bring your right knee closer to your body while keeping your neck and spine muscle straight. Repeat the same with the left leg and continue doing it as fast as you can. However, do not overdo this exercise for the first few days and limit yourself to a count of three sets.

Flutter Kick

All you have to do is lie down on your back and rest your arms on your sides. Without bending your knees, raise your legs as high as you can. Now slowly bring down your right leg to touch the ground while the left leg stays up straight. Follow this up by taking your right leg back up to the 90-degree position, while bringing your left leg down. Alternate this movement for around 20 times every day. This exercise is known to strengthen your core muscles while also working on your hip muscles.

These are a few body fat burning exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home without the need for weights. We hope these tips come handy in helping you build a fitness routine. However, be careful not to overdo it, lest you hurt yourself in the process.